Instagram Marketing for Handmade Business

Unlock a Profitable Handmade Business
in Just 12 Weeks Without Using Etsy
or Social Media


This workshop is for anyone who makes and sells a handmade or physical product, including jewelry designers, artists, paper designers, bath & body product makers  and more!

What You'll Discover

The #1 mistake people make with Etsy & social media that causes shops to FLOP

 The secret to making it with your handmade shop so it's no longer just a hobby

How to make sales in your handmade shop with ease so you can finally get to 6-figures


  1. Priya Sharma says:

    Excellent tips for Instagram marketing. As I have my own handmade business on Instagram, I will definitely use these tips for growing my business more and more. I am very much impressed with your article as it contains information which is very important for me. Thanks a lot…!!

  2. Wonderful post. Great to know about marketing ways for a handmade business. I really liked it and will definitely follow. Thanks a lot.

  3. Thank you very much for the excellent advice that reflects your experience in your field, as well as for the way you explain. Greetings
    I want to add additional tips related to Instagram marketing:
    Podcasting Marketing: It has gained popularity recently through content makers, especially the owners of handicraft workshops, meaning that it is very important and profitable over time.
    Chatbot Marketing: It is also necessary while marketing handmade products
    Email marketing: It contributes greatly to converting potential customers into customers, especially when using the sales funnel, i.e. converting them from Instagram from mere followers and potential customers to loyal customers by giving them free gifts in the form of writings – posts – guides or free courses
    Influencer Marketing: It can also help handicraft owners to take advantage of it effectively
    Content Marketing: Content is the king. Therefore, if we want to market our products and double our sales, we must share our experience so that customers can trust us by exploiting the power of content marketing.
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    Thank you very much for the advice shared. It reflects very well your experience in this field. Thank you! for sharing it.

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