How I Grew My Pinterest Engagement By 1200% in 30 Days

How I Grew My Pinterest Engagement By 1200% in 30 Days

Whether you’re a business owner, blogger or freelancer, having a Pinterest is crucial if you want to get more traffic, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

Pinterest has migrated from a social media platform to a powerful search engine to rival Google and Bing.

As a business owner and blogger who works with creatives, adding Pinterest to my strategy was a no-brainer.

I’ll show you how – after only 30 days of re-focusing my content and services with Pinterest in mind, I grew my engagement by 1200%.

Yep, that stat totally BLEW my mind!

Follow these 5 steps to increase YOUR engagement on Pinterest so you can get more people to:

  • read your blog post
  • sign up to your mailing list
  • buy your product
  • contact you about a consultation

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The 2016 Instagram Algorithm Change and 5 Steps on How You Can Fight It + Remain Unaffected

The 2016 Instagram Algorithm Change and 5 Steps on How You Can Fight It

Have you heard about what Instagram is doing that will dramatically change your Instagram marketing plans?

No more flying blind.

No more winging it.

For most makers, artists and designers I teach and mentor, Instagram is their top choice of marketing to get traffic and sales to their shop.

Unfortunately, that’s about to change.

Instagram announced on March 15, 2016 that they were going to implement an algorithm that would show the best posts to you first, rather than in chronological order as it had been doing in the past few years.

This comes as no surprise, considering Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. And as small business owners who run Facebook pages, we all know about Facebook’s algorithm that prevents your posts from being seen by your own fans.

It became so frustrating, disappointing and some creatives even felt it was a total waste of time.

Creative biz owners then flocked to Instagram because it was easier to use and the highly visual layout works well for makers, artists and designers. There had not been an algorithm yet, so everyone had a fair share when it came to Instagram reach and visibility. We were at an level playing field.

From today on, the tech world will be testing creatives once again.

I teach a course on how to increase your Facebook reach and engagement, called the Facebook Recovery System.

This course isn’t about how to gain more followers, even though it’s a nice side effect of increasing your reach and engagement.

For starters, I explain why there’s an algorithm in the first place.

And Instagram puts it eloquently:

As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most.”

Algorithms are put in place for everyone’s benefit. It’s in Google search engines, Etsy search engines, your Facebook newsfeed, Pinterest’s smart feed, and now it’ll be in Instagram.

There’s simply too much content for anyone to consume in a single day.

Instead of showing you less relevant, lower quality posts even though they’re more timely, Instagram (along with all other social media and search engines) is choosing to select the best photos to show you based on, according to Instagram:

  • the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content
  • your relationship with the person posting
  • the timeliness of the post

What this means for you as a creative business owner

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Why Instagram Feature Accounts Don’t Work + What To Do Instead

Why Instagram Feature Accounts Don't Work + What To Do Instead

Who loves Instagram?

Raise hand.

Instagram is the social media platform of choice for many makers, artists and designers running a small business.

It’s a great place to have meaningful, one on one relationships with your customers.

And most importantly, it’s proven to bring you sales.

I mean, that’s why you keep posting on Instagram, right?

You’re convinced it’s helpful for your business.

But you’re wanting to grow your following and reach more people.

How do you do that?

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Steal This Process: How I Broke My Record With A $3,158 Sale Day

Steal This Process: How I Broke My Record With A $3,158 Sale Day

Have you ever created a promotion or event for your shop only to have it fall flat on its face?

I have.

Last year on Black Friday, I decided at the last minute (that’s how I roll!) that I should do something for the biggest shopping day of the year.

I created a graphic banner to put on the front page of my website.

The promotion was 25% off the entire order for the whole day.

Then I waited.

And waited.

For being in the thick of the holiday season, I was disappointed that it was just another average sales day with a few orders.

The conclusion I had at the time was no one was interested in a 25% off, or they were too busy shopping elsewhere.

“Maybe this doesn’t work for me.”

That’s a common thought that all of us creatives running an online, handmade business have.

Fast forward a year later, and I can tell you now that the magic is always in the details.

Goof up or skip a little detail, and it can mean a $3,000 difference to your bottom line.

At least that’s what it was for me.

Here’s how I broke my daily sales record this year and made $3,158 in online sales on Black Friday from my website alone.

Go ahead and steal this process for any of your future promotions!

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10 Exact Steps You Can Take To Boost Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales This Holiday Season

10 Exact Steps You Can Take To Boost Holiday Sales

Are you ready to make the most out of this holiday season?

The fourth quarter of every year is the best time for anyone who sells a gift product.

But like everything else in running a business, you can’t skip telling people about your products!

That’s what marketing is all about.

It doesn’t have to be sleazy, salesy or uncomfortable.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is just around the corner. Make use of this in your marketing!

You can promote your products this holiday season and tie in with this major sale weekend to end the year with a bang.

Don’t fret about figuring this stuff out on your own.

These little things you can do in your business can mean making an extra two (or two hundred) sales, so make sure you do the work!

Here are ten exact steps you can take to boost holiday sales and make the most out of Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday.

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