Hello, I'm Mei Pak!

I started Creative Hive in 2014 out of a love of sharing my marketing experiments I was doing in my jewelry business, Tiny Hands, which I still run to this day. 

I love helping people, and seeing fellow creatives and artists succeed in what they were born to do!

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My Journey


Bought a pack of hundreds of little amethyst chips for $10, sold 5 of $2 to my friends at school during recess.


Packed my entire life in two luggage bags (of course one bag included all my crafting supplies because I wasn’t aware Michael’s existed at the time). Flew from Malaysia to Wisconsin, USA to pursue a degree in Math. Continued selling my jewelry on the side when I wasn’t doing homework or in class.


Took my first ever jewelry making class where I lived in Malaysia, and made so much jewelry that I didn’t know where it should go. So I started an online shop. Tiny Hands was born! 



Graduated college, but had a hard time getting a job related to my degree. Went full time with Tiny Hands, and got a remote web designer job on the side to pay the bills.



Had a tough first full time year in business. Barely made $3/hour. I was letting everyone down. Something needed to change. I came up with a strategy and started to invest in my business education. 


Made my first $30,000 year in sales. I was on to something! 


Made $80,000 in sales



Huge dream come true. Got paid to teach on Creative Live, where other experts like Daymond John, Mel Robbins, Richard Branson, Tim Ferris have taught at. 



Finally hit six figures, making $200,000. I was featured on Parks and Recreation, Rachael Ray magazine, and a slew of other media. Creative Hive was born, out of my passion of wanting to share with other creatives how I did it, so they can do it too.



Childhood dream come true. We move to Los Angeles so I could pursue acting. This was only possible because my business was supporting us financially. 



Helped my husband quit his job in programming, so he could start moving closer to HIS dreams making video games. My business fully supported us and our lifestyle. 



Started a third business selling print on demand personalized art. Spent $2,000 in start up costs, made $11,000. This business now makes 7 figures annually.


Hit the million dollar revenue mark in a year for the first time. Husband takes over the new business. We make a total of $2 million dollars this year between all our businesses. We hire my husband’s brothers who were without jobs because of COVID. 

2021 - Present

We’ve helped thousands of people start their creative businesses online, many of whom are able to now spend more time with their family, retire their partners, buy their dream homes, go on vacation and so much more. 



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Meet The Team



Fave food: Sushi, seafood, dim sum, noodle soups, mushrooms and chocolaty desserts


Business Manager

Fave food: Truffle mushroom pasta, vegan double chocolate mug cake, tofu nuggets


Guest Coach

Fave food: Sopaipillas



Fave food: Chicken wings



Fave food: Mozzarella sticks



Fave food: Sinigang and Adobo



Fave food: Deep fried cheese curds


Guest Coach

Fave food: Korean


Guest Coach

Fave food: Cashews, brazilian almonds


Video editor

Fave food: Beef shawarma



Fave food: Seafood Pasta



Fave food: Tuna carbonara, cheese ravioli, and pork dumplings

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