How To Start A Greeting Card Business

Unlock a Profitable Handmade Business
in Just 12 Weeks Without Using Etsy
or Social Media


This workshop is for anyone who makes and sells a handmade or physical product, including jewelry designers, artists, paper designers, bath & body product makers  and more!

What You'll Discover

The #1 mistake people make with Etsy & social media that causes shops to FLOP

 The secret to making it with your handmade shop so it's no longer just a hobby

How to make sales in your handmade shop with ease so you can finally get to 6-figures


  1. Luanne Fitzgerald says:

    your intelligence an d know how has inspired me so very much! So helpful, I just wish I started earlier in my life, I have so many fans of my artwork and they save even my envelopes. Anywayyyyyyy…I am hoping to do something with my art, (to actually get paid) I have made logos and so many things and never knew how to charge, so I never do when I am sked for special favors. but, hello, I am unemployed now…thank you again!!!

  2. Oliver Ferreira jr says:

    Contact me what is contact info want to make joke greeting cards

  3. +PEGGY lAMPKIN says:


  4. Brian French says:

    I found your video to be way too long and full of information I did not need.
    I am not a n artist nor do I want to be one. I do have a bricks and mortar business that sells shipping and I am looking for a product I can sell from both my physical store via a workstation and from my website to my customers that want to print off a quick card to send with their shipment. The idea is to have a white label solution I can brand myself and have my customers choose from a selection of cards to customize and print off in store or to just pick one from the display rack. I also like the option of providing a digital version of the card when they buy a printed one. This would be great to send by email to the recipient of the shipment.

  5. Mona Hair says:

    Hello Mei!
    I’m a watercolor artist and all of my practice work for my larger paintings are done on 4×6 cards of watercolor stock paper. Many of my friends are recommending that I reproduce these and sell them as note cards. Is there a market out there for original art work in the note card industry? I’m not interested in doing the reproduction work or even the selling. I just want to paint. Do you suggest locating an agent, or approaching a company? How would I maximize this idea without stealing time away from my painting time? Thank you in advance for your advice!

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