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It’s so impressive how AI has become such a big part of our lives lately, especially with the rise of so many AI tools over the past few years.

Take Shopify’s new Magic AI image editor, for instance.

This one can make any product photo look professional easily – all without the need to hire costly professional photographers and renting out big studios.

Now, I totally get if you’re a bit hesitant about using AI, especially since it’s not 100% infallible.

So, the big question is: …

Disclaimer: this blog post features quotes from an interview one of Creative Hive’s coaches, Alonda, did with Kat Wilmore, with certain parts edited for grammar. Head over to my YouTube video if you want to watch the entire interview.

If you’re an artist who sells your own art or paintings and you’re wondering how to make more sales online, then read this post below.

Let me introduce you to the incredible Kat Wilmore from PlantBasedPaintings.com. She has turned her passion for art into a handmade business …


Your small handmade business is now growing, with customers coming from all over the United States.

Now, what’s next on your business checklist?

Maybe it’s time to go international!

A lot of us go start our own handmade businesses because of the rewards.

We get to channel our creativity and our passions through it, we get to work within the comforts of our own homes, and we have the potential to earn more with it.

Yes, running a handmade business can be incredibly rewarding.

But, amidst the excitement of crafting and selling, managing your finances – an incredibly important part of the process – can feel overwhelming a lot of the time.

So, in this blog …

Ah, yes. Tax season. The time of the year when running a creative business becomes a nightmare instead of the dream.

Now, I’ve noticed that a lot of myths and misinformation about online business taxes are everywhere on the internet.

Whether you’re a seasoned Shopify seller or a budding Etsy entrepreneur, navigating online business taxes can be confusing.

People say a lot of stuff out there in Facebook groups and Etsy forums about how taxes work for us, but what’s actually true?

That’s why I’m making this …

Taxes. Ugh, the dreaded T-word.

As creative entrepreneurs, you pour your heart and soul into your art, but tax season can feel like a creativity killer.

You lose so much valuable time you could have spent doing what you love: making things.

But during tax season, the reality for handmade business owners is that we’re stuck in our offices, dealing with numbers and money – something we rarely want to do.


Who wants that? Not me, for sure.

But doing your taxes is an important …

So many businesses have closed down this year.

Just today, I saw two small businesses throw in the towel.

It’s scary and it’s sad.

Closing down a business marks the end of such a beautiful era.

Perhaps you’ve felt the weight of these struggles yourself.

Sales have been really hard lately, so I won’t blame you if you’ve thought about quitting at least once.

I understand where you’re coming from.

So, in this blog post, I’m not here to tell you to just keep going, no matter

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