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A common misconception about starting a business is that you need to take a big leap and give all your time, energy, and money. I have proven this wrong multiple times now. There is actually a right strategy that will help you get your business off the ground and gear it towards success.


online business.

Setting your business up for success has never been easier.

I’m willing to bet that your first instinct is to go online and hoard all the business resources you can find. But that only makes you even more confused than you were when you started.

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See, there are a million strategies out there that people swear worked for them. Let me tell you something: you don’t have to overload your brain with so much information. Not every one of those strategies and business tips will help you build a successful online business. The wrong advice can get you running in the wrong direction, losing more money than you’re making.

For the longest time, so many people believed that building an online business is a risk only the bravest people can take. While this is true at some level, anyone can start their own business. You can do it too! Even without experience or deep knowledge in entrepreneurship.

Once you start dreaming about it, you’re bound to feel huge waves of excitement and eagerness to start immediately. Then you start planning, and you feel these notes of overwhelm and cluelessness.

Lucky for you, your search is finally over. Everything you’re looking for and more is right here at Creative Hive. I’ve put together some of my signature strategies for how you can get started on kickstarting your business. And they’ve worked for all my multimillion businesses and for all my students’ businesses as well.

All you have to do to make yours a success even before you start is snag all these FREE resources, learn from them, and implement them.

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Hello, I'm Mei Pak !

I started Creative Hive back in 2014 because I wanted to share all the marketing experiments I did for my handmade jewelry business, Tiny Hands, with fellow makers. With all these sales and marketing strategies that I have refined and replicated over time, I now make up to seven figures between all my and my husband’s businesses.

I also love empowering people to start their creative businesses online so they could make a successful living out of their passions, spend more time with their families, go on vacations, buy their dream homes, and more. The possibilities are endless, and this is what makes me so happy doing what I do.

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The Best Strategies to Start An Online Business

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Good things come to those who seek opportunities.

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