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Helping makers, artists and designers make a consistent income with their handmade business online.


Mei is a savvy business person. She’s built an incredibly successful jewelry business from the ground up and has so many valuable lessons to share from her experience. Mei is forthright and generous in sharing best practices. She is honest about what’s worked and what hasn’t and she truly wants you to succeed in your own creative business venture. As a fellow small business owner I’ve learned so much from Mei! She’s a gem.


-Abby Glassenberg, While She Naps Podcast

The Business Buzz Podcast is a short and straight to the point, 10-minute show with me, Mei Pak, around building a thriving handmade business online. My ultimate goal is to help you make a consistent income selling your handmade products.

Each episode addresses one topic as it relates to handmade business and will give you actionable, practical and easy steps to starting, growing and running your successful business.

This is a fresh and new podcast style based around the 80/20 Rule, delivering you no fluff, effective lessons that can make a positive impact on your business in a big way.

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