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Plants don’t grow unless you water them, just like how your products aren’t going to sell themselves if you don’t actually sell them. If you’re tired of slow sales, watch this free training I made to help you sell your products effectively.

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The  Right  Way

“Maybe I’m doing something wrong.”

“Maybe they just don’t like my products.”

“Maybe I’m not cut out for this.”

You’ve Taken the Leap, Followed Your Dreams… But Now What?

The thing is, you’re just now seeing that nobody is buying from you. You’re hearing crickets from your website and your bank account. You’re not making any more sales than you did before you even started. And you’re not growing at all.

Now you’re starting to feel unsure about your business. You’re feeling tons of pressure now because you’re probably only breaking even. You don’t really know how to get people to buy your product.

You’re over the moon. You’re determined to make money off of your creativity. But sales are super slow.

And the worst of all: 

I know how frustrating it gets when you’ve already given your all but you’re not seeing results. You already spent countless hours creating the kind of products that you’re sure your target audience will love. And you’ve already spent so much money trying to source the best materials and equipment to power up your creative business.

You’re ready to do anything for the sake of your passions and dreams, am I right?

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Let’s break down how you do this with some of my winning sales strategies. Ones that I’ve proven to be effective time and time again.

You don’t have a solid sales strategy and you’re just shooting in the dark.

You need to be more intentional with HOW you position your products.

So you’re tired of slow sales. How do you increase your online sales, then?

The Secrets to How To Effectively Sell A Product

My Top-Secret Money-Making Strategies

Click on each lesson to learn how to get people to buy your product – and love them!

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How I built my six-figure handmade business (and how you can make more sales too)

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9 Powerful Things You Can Do When Business Is Slow

Make up for slow sales days by loading up your business with these nine strategies and systems that guarantee you success when done right.

The website and shop checklist to double your sales

The best thing you could ever do for your creative handmade business is to put up an engaging and fully functioning website that your audience will love.

Five promotions to use for your shop that make you sales

In this blog post, I share five promotional strategies you can use to treat your customers and encourage them to buy your products.

Get rid of all your limiting beliefs once and for all

Avoid slow days and increase your online sales fast



Are You An Entrepreneur or a Hobbyist?

Here’s a FREE training that has helped thousands of makers from all around the world increase their online sales consistently.

How to Create a Profitable Handmade Business Without Keeping Up With Social Media

You will learn:

The #1 Mistake People Make With Etsy & Social Media

The Secret to Making It With Your Handmade Shop

How to Make Sales in Your Handmade Shop with Ease

Now that you’re done with these lessons, I need you to think seriously about this question.

Are you ready do what it takes for your business to thrive?

What’s this?

This is a free training I created to help makers, artists, designers, and anyone who wants to sell their handmade products online do it successfully. 

In this hour-long webinar, I will teach you all about how to increase your online sales and make money off of your creativity.

It all boils down to YOU. What are you ready to do to get your business up and running?

Hello, I'm Mei Pak !

I started Creative Hive back in 2014 because I wanted to share all the marketing experiments I did for my handmade jewelry business, Tiny Hands, with fellow makers. With all these sales and marketing strategies that I have refined and replicated over time, I now make up to seven figures between all my and my husband’s businesses.

I also love empowering people to start their creative businesses online so they could make a successful living out of their passions, spend more time with their families, go on vacations, buy their dream homes, and more. The possibilities are endless, and this is what makes me so happy doing what I do.

Watch my free masterclass!

"I Have a BA in Marketing. A Sale a Day Is More Useful!”

There is no way we’d still be in business if we hadn’t signed up for your class! Last summer we were trudging around doing low-profit, high-stress craft markets plus Etsy. This summer we have our own website, a highly interested following on social media, our own subscription program, and have made just about double the money we invested in your program last fall.

I graduated several years ago with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. A Sale A Day has proved much more useful than my degree!

Laura R & Grace B

Gabrielle & Simon M

Retired From Markets And Making A Sale A Day

I am a mature age participant (yes a granny of nearly 60) of your course and have benefitted from it soooo much! My husband and I have had a business for over 23 years in recycled timber picture frames. We have had great moments with it where we earned an enormous amount and have brought up 4 children on this business. But! We were doing markets, festivals and fairs. When we look back on this we realised just how intensely hard we worked, especially hubbie Simon.

Simon and I have retired from doing markets thanks to everything I have learnt and applied from your course. We are making a sale a day, which is great, because this is enough to give us a modest income.

Danielle B

$97,500 In Sales After Only Less Than 2 Years In Business

We officially started 1.5 years ago. We’re so close to $100,000 sales revenue… like $97,500 close. Excuse me while I go pick my chin up of the floor! I’m amazed, thankful and overwhelmed.

So much of what I’ve learned has come through Mei Pak and the A Sale A Day Business System. I kid you not. She has walked me through so much and I’ll be forever grateful for the foundational principals she’s helped me set in place! (cuz, this girl from the backwoods of KY was kinda sorta clueless).

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It’s gonna be a whirlwind for sure. I’m going to teach you how to get more traffic, make more sales, and gain fans along the way. Are you ready to see fast results and sustainable growth?

Anything for your passions and dreams, right?

Ready for a deep dive?