How to Start a Creative Business on the Cheap, Even if You’re Really Really Busy


Have you always wanted to start a business but just don’t have the money for start-up costs and room for inventory?

Are you super creative and artsy and make beautiful paintings, drawings, graphic design or are just plain great with words?

Are you a stay at home mom or full-time worker who always dreamed of running your own business but just couldn’t find the time?

Do you currently run a clothing business that uses your art but are sick of storing all the shirts, making them and shipping them yourself?

What if I told you that there is a way to start a seemingly passive creative business that allowed you to focus on creating amazing imagery and engaging with your audience while someone else took care of the rest?

That’s right – no inventory, no huge start-up cost, no leaving the house to obtain supplies and ship items AND you just have to do what you love – make beautiful art and connect with people who love your art on social media.

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Annual Income Report for my Handmade Business

Annual Income Report for my Handmade Business

I sent you an email asking if you wanted to see a 2014 year review of my handmade jewelry business, Tiny Hands.

I’ve never exposed so much of my business like this before but it can be helpful for you to have this insight into another creative business!

I received an overwhelming response to do this financial review so here it is.

My hope is that it will help you feel inspired and motivated to know that a small handmade business can really thrive and prosper.

And that you don’t have to work at a 9 to 5 corporate office job all of your life.

I’ll be talking about what worked and what didn’t for me in 2014, and that can give you a better idea of how you may want to map out your year.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with your marketing. Just learn from me :-)

So here it is, the screenshot of my revenue, expenses and profit!

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Selling on Soldsie Review: How to make sales directly on social media

Soldsie Seller's Review

Soldsie Seller’s Review

Do you ever wonder why you’re constantly publishing content on social media? What’s it all for, what’s the bigger picture?

As a small business, your top goal is to make sales. Social media can help you improve your bottom line and let me show you how!

I use a tool called Soldsie and it has been effective in helping to help grow my business. It’s a tool that enables me to make sales directly on Facebook and Instagram. Their website is pretty vague; it doesn’t include pricing or details about how it works. Here’s a Soldsie review to help you decide if it’s right for you!

Signing Up With Soldsie

The only way to get started with Soldsie is by filling in their contact info form.

It feels a little bit like throwing your information into a void because they don’t have many details on their site. But if you never try you never know, right? That’s what I thought when I signed up.

The purpose of the form (I speculate) is for Soldsie staff to filter who would be a good fit for using their app.

It’s not built for everyone, but there’s no “nice” way of saying so without turning people off. Soldsie is a big investment, but don’t let that stop you from giving a try—it can be totally worth it!

They want to be sure they’re working with clients that will pull their weight to make this work as a team.

What To Expect

Soldsie isn’t a way to instantly grow your Facebook following overnight.

It’s not an instant way to increase your engagement.

In fact, you should have both of those things in place before trying Soldsie. (More on that later.)

Soldsie is merely a tool for making money directly on Facebook and Instagram, utilizing your existing fan or follower base. Pinterest support is coming soon.

How Soldsie Works

Soldsie has created a revolutionary way of monetizing your social media followers. Here’s how it works:

  1. You post a photo of the item for sale.
  2. Your fan (customer) simply needs to comment “sold” on the item
  3. First-time buyers register by clicking a link.
  4. Transaction complete!

It’s a really easy process for both buyer and seller.

The customer’s registration process is easy–one time only and takes less than a minute.

Social media sites have always been known as a place of comfort where people can unwind among friends.

Their mental barriers tend to be lower on social sites, so bringing the sale directly to where they are already hanging out is genius.

Is Soldsie Right For You?

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Are you advertising in the wrong places?

Do you sell finished products or supplies?

If you’re like me, you’re catering to the consumer that’s ready to buy a finished piece.

They’re not interested in spending the time and effort to make something on their own.

Our customers are people wanting to wear your product now.

They want to gift your product to their loved one right away because they don’t have time to DIY.

Part of promoting your business might include advertising on other people’s blogs to help get the word out.

But you might be making a big mistake.

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Tophatter Review for Sellers


Scented Maple Syrup Waffle NecklaceRecently I wrote about a new auction-based marketplace called I sold my first item there on Monday and want to share my experience with this Tophatter review.

There were dozens of lots (listings) on auction that Monday morning and mine was scheduled at the very end. I got in the party at 11am central and hung around multitasking with admin work while I waited till it was my turn. Every now and then I would make a comment or answer someone’s generic question. I had set my “name” to “”, my entire URL to my shop so that whenever people saw my comment in chat, I could kill two birds with one stone: people would know my brand name AND my url at the same time.

I set to receive a text message when my listing would soon be on auction, and true to its word I got a buzz on my cellphone with a nice message. I had waited a little past an hour.

Mind you, when your item gets put on the spotlight, it’s a very fast process. I’d say I was typing as fast as I could to answer questions and pitch my product, and it all took no more than 2 minutes until my auction was settled.

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