Use my complete A Sale A Day system to create a consistent income selling your handmade products starting with your first $1k month and beyond.

Make a Stable Income While Creating Products You Love Without Getting Stuck or Feeling Like a Hamster on a Wheel 

You can’t imagine life without being able to create. You pour your heart and soul into the things you make and you dream of sharing that with the world.

You know you have a good product, yet you're not sure if it’s good enough because your craft shows and Etsy shop aren’t bringing in enough money to pay the bills.

Turning your big dream into a reality feels scary. But it’s mostly because you don't know which direction to take and you don't know what to do.


Instead of moving forward, you struggle along like most little shop owners you know, following the same path they took, and frantically seeking out the next step. That’s when you get overwhelmed by all of the “solutions” you see online. There are just too many options (and you’ve probably tried a lot of them).

How many times have you said or thought something like this?

  • Craft shows are hard: the prep work, long hours, 90 degree weather, the set up and tear down. It’s really difficult work.
  • I love making things, but I have no idea how to make anything stand out. There's so much competition!
  • I’m discouraged. I keep trying new ways to bring in sales but nothing's working. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Crap, that’s draining.

The uncertainty and second-guessing is making you sad, disappointed and you feel like giving it all up. You're not alone. Your next step is to scour the Internet looking for the answer to all your troubles.

The good news?

There’s definitely a better way.

You're looking for some serious advice

Yes, you need some serious advice, but you’re not going to find it unless you stop reading everything you come across. Handmadeology posts and Shopify blogs are great, but they can lead to massive confusion:

Should you:

  • Start a blog or send a newsletter?
  • Spend more money on product photos, packaging and branding?
  • Use social media as a sales aid?
  • Sell on other big sites, like Amazon?

Those are all questions you’ll probably walk away with after doing any kind of Google search.

It’s really easy to become paralyzed by information overload. Between all of those blog posts and PDFs you found, you’re being pulled in several different directions. Without a good way to decide on your next move, all of the time you spent researching still keeps you stuck in the same place:

Needing answers so your business doesn’t die off

How I took my struggling business to $200,000 in sales

What if I told you the story you’re living right now is one I lived and breathed, before I finally broke free from the cyclical nature of being a confused shop owner?

It’s true.

I took myself and my baby business into the big leagues by implementing the strategies I want to share with you.

Yep, this vintage dress loving, sushi and Gilmore Girls obsessed chick, made her first $1,000 month selling miniature food jewelry on a website I hacked together myself.

Before finding the key to success, I only made $9,000 between online sales and craft events for the year. That didn't exactly pay the bills.

However, the following year I made $30,000, then $80,000 the next, and – with a much better plan in place – my third year launched me into a six-figure income of $200,000, selling handmade jewelry online (while working from home).

What changed?

All of my strategies.

Because – in total honesty – I’m not special. I faced the odds, felt the fear, and struggled through my own failures. I didn’t have a lot of extra cash to throw away, and I didn't have a following to help promote my work.

The point is, I was you when I started out.

Broke, alone but with a burning desire to turn my dream into a reality.

You can absolutely do this, too.

But you have to stop scouring the internet for the missing piece and learn from me about the invisible thread connecting everything together.

No more craft show exhaustion, no more spending countless hours and money on courses and books you'll never touch.

No more trial-and-error.

A sale a day is what you need, and it comes when you know the steps beyond what you’ve been able to find on your own.

Rana Salame

I know it took a month which was my goal, but I got 80 registrations and put out my first newsletter! So proud of it and myself and can't wait to get the next one out. It brought me two sales already! Mei, I used your advice and registrations went toward an entry to the giveaway, also tied in a social media element for added entries as well. Thank you for all the knowledge and tips! You are a social media and business queen!

Rana Salame Salame Jewelry Designs
Molly Chen

So far I've emailed 19 national magazine editors, 9 of them opened my emails (which means my subject lines were awesome), 3 requested samples/lookbook, 1 was a finalized feature. The Seventeen editor was so sweet to me. I even got to send jewelry for an Elle Fanning photoshoot!

I would've never tried to pitch to them had I not taken the class with you, so thank you!

Molly Chen Mu-Yin Jewelry

Imagine getting your first non-friend sale

Imagine securing your first real wholesale order

Imagine making so many sales you no longer need your day job

Imagine your husband finally getting that your "hobby" is a real business

Introducing The Sale A Day Business, my handcrafted 12-month program for makers, artists and designers who want to earn consistent income in their business

Julie Bolton

I want to thank you so much for the Instagram post that launched into a great social media and sales week for me! I started the week with about 290 Insta Followers and as of this morning am up to 369! And sales of the honeycomb necklace are starting to flow again after a dry June-July!

My beekeeping hero, Hilary Kearney posted a selfie wearing one yesterday – she has 27k followers, woot! It has been amazing to watch this all happen, thanks to you and your wonderful art and social savvy!

Julie Bolton Beedorable
Tanith Caylor

Mei inspires and brightens my entire month in a single call. I'd start it off feeling pretty lost and discouraged about how things were going, and she turns my state of mind right around and makes me excited to get back to work.

Because of the Colony, my Instagram following has quadrupled (no joke) since starting the Instagram Challenge a couple months ago. I also got my first confirmed from Instagram sale. I used to think Marketing was a chore and felt inauthentic. I now enjoy my marketing efforts and I'm starting to really see the reward of it by finding & now interacting with my true fans.

Tanith Caylor Monster Kitty Society

This is the one and only in-depth course that shows you how to build a long-term business and help you go from $0 to your first $1k month selling your handmade products.

There are three huge reasons why so many makers struggle to make it.

One, they give up too soon before they get to see any results because they lack the personal support and validation that they're on the right track.

Two, they take an Instagram course one day, then sign up for a blogging course another day. What they don't know they're really missing is the bigger picture that ties all the little pieces together. It's like having 10,000 puzzle pieces without knowing what puzzle you're making. It leaves you confused, frustrated and disappointed.

And three, because most people (including myself when I started out) start building their business backwards, like this:

  1. Think of a product idea
  2. Figure out who your product is for
  3. Decide how to reach those people and market to them

Instead, this program will be taught using this opposite framework:

1. Determine who your product is for

Deciding from the get go who your ideal customer is going to be will save you tons of headache and ensure you hit the ground running from Day 1.

2. Create a product idea your people will love or need

Use your creative right-brain to design a product that you know your ideal customers will just eat up, while still crafting a product that you love making!

3. Streamline how to reach those people and market to them

Using effective and efficient systems and strategies taught in this program, you'll spread the word about your business in less than ten hours a week.

Making this shift is what saved my business

And I want to help you make this shift in your business too.

But let me be straight with you. You’re not going to create a successful business, a great product or a memorable brand in a matter of a couple of weeks the way that most courses are set up.

This program takes 12 months so that you have the time to develop great ideas – from product designs to branding, building your website and crafting your marketing plan.

Here's what you'll learn:

Month 1: Product and Business Idea Creation or Refinement

  • Identify winning product ideas
  • Easily create your unique selling proposition
  • Quickly find your ideal customer using my Coattail Technique
  • How to create product level stacking for tons of repeat business

Month 2: Production & Photography

  • Craft a cohesive product line that sells
  • Launching with your Minimum Viable Product Line
  • Best practices for production and creating systems for future growth
  • How to take product photos on a white background
  • How to take stunning lifestyle and model product photos

Month 3: Pricing

  • Pricing strategies for luxury vs practical products vs information products like patterns and crafty courses
  • Strategies to price affordably or charge premium prices
  • The formula for how to pay yourself

Month 4: Branding & Packaging

  • Name your business and create your tagline or elevator pitch
  • Create a brand board for a memorable brand (including logo, color palette and patterns)
  • Quickly and easily create a logo and business card design
  • Source product packaging and create unique and custom packaging
  • How to brand your email address for credibility and trust

Month 5: Setting Up Shop

  • What to look for in an ecommerce platform
  • How to Shopify: choosing a theme, setting up your store, apps that’ll earn you money
  • Set up product listings

Month 6: Email List Building

  • How to collect email subscribers with ease
  • Create a freebie incentive (physical vs digital vs information products)
  • Choose your email list service
  • Install sign up forms on your site and where to put them
  • Easy email autoresponders (The Welcome Series, Post Purchase Series, the Giveaway Funnel and more)
  • What email broadcasts to send and when

Month 7: SEO & Blogging

  • Create a blogging strategy for luxury products vs information products
  • Easily create blog topic ideas
  • Best ways to promote your blog post
  • SEO made easy and best practices
  • How to increase search engine rankings with backlinks

Month 8: Pinterest

  • Discover Pinterest's algorithm
  • Brand your business on Pinterest and grow your following
  • How to put Pinterest on autopilot

Month 9: Instagram & Facebook

  • How to easily grow your following by thousands of followers every month
  • How to build an engaged audience
  • Learn what to say and what to post for maximum reach and engagement

Month 10: Influencer Marketing, Magazines and Blogger Outreach

  • Find influencers, magazines and blogs to pitch to
  • Exactly what to say in your pitch using my template
  • Learn how to follow up without being sleazy
  • The best ninja tools and apps to use

Month 11: Selling Wholesale

  • Easily create a wholesale line and package that store buyers love
  • Step-by-step walkthrough on how to create your linesheet and order form
  • Design wholesale packaging and POS display
  • Find stores, learn how to pitch them (and follow up like a pro)

Month 12: Scaling Up For Massive Growth

  • The first and easiest things to hire out
  • The best apps, tools and software to automate your business
  • The nitty gritty details and how-to hire production and shipping help
  • How to expand your marketing team
  • Use Facebook ads the right way to get your money making money for you
Justine Vannucci

This year is all about retail sales!! I've linked your course on several groups. It was the #1 most helpful thing I've done for my business in months!


Justine Vannucci Vannucci Ltd.
Lucy Jennings

I'm getting 1-4 opt-in's for my pdf offer every day! And about 10 new Instagram followers too! (that's good for me). I never improved like this until I followed you! Thanks Mei!

Lucy Jennings The Creativity Patch

All for $49/mo

Sign Up For A Sale A Day$49 per month. Cancel anytime. 100% money back guaranteed.

Real talk? Building a business takes time


(Click on the image to enlarge)

Getting your business to work in the long run means you must be dedicated to doing it right. If you can’t commit and invest in your business for a full year, you won’t make it for three years or ten.

A Sale a Day focuses on the much larger picture, broken into highly detailed consumable chunks, and sets you up for long-term success.

How else is this different?

Unlike other programs, we don’t focus on building an Etsy shop. While Etsy is a great place to sell products, it’s too risky to build your brand on. You have no control because Etsy can change their search algorithm or shop layout or introduce a new policy and you have to play by their rules (that don't always benefit you). And let’s be honest, how many times have you heard someone say they bought a product from Etsy instead of actually giving credit to the shop inside of it?

It happens all the time. And it hurts those businesses.

We won’t waste time going over things that don’t matter to you.

We'll focus more on what’s important:

Building a business based on marketing fundamentals for makers that last through time

Reinforcing the 80/20 rule to get you doing the right things in the right ways so that you're making money in less time

Finding and getting in front of your ideal customer so you can make sales with ease

Ready to say “heck yes” to all of the possibility you deserve?

Buy now and get:

  • 12 months of in-depth business building and marketing training that take you from $0 to your next $1k month and beyond
  • A full immersion experience, complete with video, audio, transcripts and worksheets to help every type of learner
  • Actionable steps to keep you moving forward
  • A system that keeps you accountable to finish the course and not just be another program you put on the backburner
Abby Glassenberg

Mei is a savvy business person. She’s built an incredibly successful jewelry business from the ground up and has so manyvaluable lessons to share from her experience. Mei is forthright and generous in sharing best practices.

She is honest about what’s worked and what hasn’t and she truly wants you to succeed in your own creative business venture. As a fellow small business owner I’ve learned so much from Mei! She’s a gem.

Abby Glassenberg While She Naps
Julia Poole

I took the hashtag advice from the challenge and it's working! Guess who liked my IG post this evening? Farrah Abraham (424k followers) from MTVs Teen Mom. She has a little girl right in my target age range. Score!

Mei said I should send a message! I offered to send Farrah's daughter, Sophia (who has her own account with 56k followers), a gift box containing some of our best sellers. I sent the message today — and I got a reply back from Farrah! Not only would she love for me to send Sophia a box, but she said she'd use the items for Sophia's birthday photo on IG!

Julia Poole Bubblegum Factory


I wondered if this would be worth the cost. I decided that I could at least give it a shot. One month in, I am thrilled with my experience and the benefits I have received. The following changes are direct outcomes of being part of the Colony.

  • nailed down my ideal customer - Mei and other members gave me feedback and ideas; I now have a specific person in mind when creating products, writing content, and branding my business
  • learned how to effectively use Instagram for business - Mei's clear instructions and direct feedback for writing your profile, choosing hashtags, and interacting on IG have put me on the right track for steadily growing my customer base on IG; I've gone from 177 to 220 followers in about 3 weeks, gaining an average of 2 new followers per day
  • made my first sale through IG - only after I began using Mei's IG method did I make a sale through IG; the customer commented to let me know she'd bought the earrings I'd shared that day
  • improved product photography - another member kindly shared with me some problem areas I didn't even know my photos had; not only did she alert me to the problems, but she also walked me through how to fix them; my product photo quality has improved dramatically, presenting a polished and professional appearance to the world


I've formed connections with other members - we're becoming a family; we give and receive advice, help, support, and encouragement; we celebrate each other's successes and share our knowledge and experiences freely. Suffice it to say that I no longer doubt whether the Colony is worth the monthly cost. I'm in it for the long haul and highly recommend it to you.

Revka Stearns Berries and Cream Designs

Sign Up For A Sale A Day$49 per month. Cancel anytime. 100% money back guaranteed.

Bonus Goodies to Make Business Building Even Easier

(For Extra Support And To Keep You Accountable So You Can Be Successful)


Bonus 1: Live Group Coaching Calls with Mei Every Month ($3,000 value)

You’ll never be left hanging or guessing if you’re doing the right thing in this course. Unanswered questions in your business can make you feel overwhelmed and cause analysis paralysis.

The only way to move forward is talking about it with someone who's been there and done that and walked the path you want to be on.

I'll personally help you bust through any blocks, be your cheerleader or steer you in the right direction whenever you feel confused.

I’m here to support you and hold you accountable! Let's make your dream business happen!


Bonus 2: Twice Monthly Live Text Chats ($2,100 value)

Our text chats are easy to join (via your mobile device or computer) and gives you an extra way to get clarity on your next steps.

Never feel alone again, get answers to your burning questions or just share any wins you’ve had.

12-months-free-newBonus 3: Twelve Months Free Access to the Creative Hive Colony Forums ($180 value)

12 months free, exclusive access to the Creative Hive Colony forums for ongoing support and answers to your questions throughout the program.

After 12 months, pay just $15/month for continued support.


Bonus 4: Guest Expert Masterclasses ($1,800 value)

Access to eight (and counting) 90 minute masterclasses with successful artists, makers and designers who are making a living with their craft.

You'll get: Being A Working Artist with Lisa Congdon, How to Sell Digital and Subscription Products with Stacey Trock and Wendi Gratz, Getting Your Products on TV with Peggy Li, Overcoming Comparisonitis with Lucy Sheridan and Growing Your Etsy Shop with Melissa Kaiserman,  Mastering Pinterest with Bridgette Salvon-Berndt, Successful Shows and Secrets to Wholesale with Larissa Loden.


Bonus 5: Access To Business Building Workshop Replays

If you've ever been to one of my live online workshops, you'll know the replays are taken down after 48 hours.

If you purchase this course, you'll get access all my past workshops to watch whenever! Workshop replays include: Creative Business Building, A Roadmap for Blogging Success, How to Craft Instagram Posts that Convert Fans Into Buyers


Bonus 6: Mei's Ultimate Favorite Resources List

Take a peek behind my shoulder and see the best apps, tools, software and people that I can't live without! These have all played a huge role in my business' multiple six figure success.

Avoid trial and error and wasted money. Snag my list and get straight to the gems.

Mei’s Ultimate Favorite Resources List includes both free and paid apps, software and tools that help you multiply your income by tenfold and save your hours every week so you can focus on creating!

Sign Up For A Sale A Day$49 per month. Cancel anytime. 100% money back guaranteed.

Psst... Why you should sign up right now and not a minute later? Because you get these awesome bonuses for being a fast action taker.

Get one 20 minute 1:1 call with Mei, redeemable anytime within the 12 month program
Product Hot Seat: Get feedback from an expert roundtable on the sellability of your product
The 100 Pitch Challenge, complete with tracker, accountability partner and prizes
The 6 word-for-word pitch and follow up emails that brought me five figure sales
Easy plug-and-play wholesale line sheet and order form templates
First 25 Sign Ups
First 50 Sign Ups
Sign Up By Sept 7
Sign Up By Sept 14
Sign Up By Sept 21
Sign Up For A Sale A Day$49/mo for 12 months, then $15/mo for ongoing support. Cancel anytime. 100% money back guaranteed.
The worst tragedy is an artist or maker with amazing talent and beautiful products who can’t get their work seen by their right people

My Promise To You: An Unbeatable Guarantee

Smoney-back-guarantee2o here’s my easy peasy offer: If you don’t LOVE this program, I insist you get 100% of your money back.

I want to make this easy for you.

I built this course over YEARS of trial and error, testing a million concepts and figuring out what works and what doesn’t for my handmade business.

This course isn’t just about making money.

It’s about a building a business that supports your life and your family so that you can pursue other things you, your husband and your kids are passionate in. It’s about having freedom from time so that you can take a day off to spend time with your kids after they’ve had a bad day at school. It’s about taking another day off to go on a spontaneous camping trip.

What’s that kind of life worth to you?

I hope the answer is simple.

Join now and see for yourself just how incredible this life of creation can be when you follow your heart and chase your dreams.

Penelope Neil

If your handmade business is strictly a business just like any other job would be, and you don’t care what’s involved or where you have to change as long as you make your monthly sales, Mei Pak from CreativeHive focuses very strongly on this aspect of running a creative venture. She has a no nonsense approach that many of you may find highly motivational.

Penelope Neil Sparrow Salvage
Reese Olsen

I have just finished watching all the videos in this course, and I wanted to take the time to say thank you for putting together such a great resource. I recently picked up “Designed to Sell” and found that it was more success story and it didn't get down to the nitty gritty the way you did. You are an inspiration and I hope to be able to use what you have taught me to build up my own business.

Reese Olsen Twigling
Sign Up For A Sale A Day$49 per month. Cancel anytime. 100% money back guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for? Is it for beginners, intermediate or advanced business owners? +

Before I answer the question, first let's get clear that it's really hard to accurately self-identify whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced business owner. Instead, let's put concrete numbers on it so you can easily decide if this program is for you or not.

This course is for anyone who wants to make a consistent income online. Our goal is to make consistent $1,000 months, then scale up from there for five figure months if you want. So if you’re not making $1,000 yet from your business, or your main site (but say you’ve got a failing Etsy shop), or you’ve done a ton of wholesale or craft shows and you want to bring your business online, this course is for you.

When does the course start? +

The course officially starts in October 2016. If you sign up anytime after October, the course starts right away!

What happens after I buy this? +

If you sign up before October 2016, you'll receive immediate access to your bonuses (the Creative Hive Colony forums, the monthly live group coaching call and twice monthly text chats, the guest expert masterclasses and access to workshop replays.

You'll get an email with login details for accessing all of this material.

When the class launches in October 2016, each month's lessons will become available to you online over the course of 12 months. To hold you accountable and help you finish this course, you'll receive Month 1's training in your first month, Month 2's training in your second month and so on.

How much time do I need to invest in this? +

I designed this course to fit into the schedule of busy moms and full time employees. So if you're not working in your business full time yet, and you only have evenings and weekends to take the course, this is perfect for you!

I use the 80/20 rule as a general framework around the strategies I use and teach in this course. This means helping you figure out what can make the biggest impact in your business that takes the least amount of your time and effort.

This 80/20 rule has enabled me to run 4 businesses at once without working around the clock.

What's your refund policy? +

I'm 100% confident that you'll love this course. Just in case you're still on the fence, you can decide later and take a test drive for 30 days.

Getting your money back is a simple process. Just send me an email. You don’t even have to tell me WHY. Tell me you’d like a refund. I won’t ask any questions, I won’t ask for homework proof. I’ll just send you your money back. If this program did nothing for you, I have no reason to keep your money. I value our relationship more than that.

You made it to the end. Nice work! ♥

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