Ready to earn a consistent income and more 
selling your handmade products online?
You can have a profitable business 
selling the products you love to make!
Do You Want To...
  • Build a business that brings in enough income so you can leave your 9-5 job
  • Earn real income making, creating, and designing so that your passion is finally taken seriously by friends and family?
  • Feel validated because you have customers and fans who love and buy your products?
  • Sell your products ​ ​consistently to a​ growing fan base?
  • Get those orders you so desperately want, and deserve?
  • Feel the joy in making and creating, knowing that your products ARE going to sell?
  • Join a like-minded community of makers, designers, and creatives that get you?
I know you can't imagine life without
creating, because I can't either. I know you pour your heart and soul into the things you make and you dream of sharing that with the world, because I do, too. 

You know you have a good product … or, you think you do … you're not even sure anymore because your craft shows and Etsy shop aren’t bringing in enough money to pay the bills, the kind of money your products could, and should, be bringing in.
Does This Sound Like You?
Do you love making 
things but can’t figure how to stand out and get some traction among all 
the competition?
Are you tired of the craft shows, with the all the prep work, the long hours, the grueling set up 
and tear-down? Craft shows are hard work!
Are you starting to feel skeptical that nobody can really help you build your business into a 
revenue-making business you love?
Is the aggravation and frustration of trying to get your business going leaving you bummed out and ready to give up?
Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but 
nothing works?
Do you feel like nobody is buying your products and you’re thinking about giving up?
Have you felt 
overwhelmed when 
looking through all the “solutions” and “advice” you see out there?
Are you discouraged and not even sure any more if you have a good product?
All that uncertainty, disappointment and second-guessing is draining, to say the least! 
Crap, I know! I’ve been there and it’s not a fun place to be. 
You’re not the only one struggling with these challenges.
I have some good news for you. I can help you.
A Sale A Day Business System 
The program for creatives, makers and designers like you who want to build a successful, vibrant business selling products you love making; a business that brings in revenue to sustain you and your family.
This program is part course library, part group coaching, part community.
Here’s exactly what’s included in your investment:
A Sale A Day Business System is an in-depth course that shows you how to build a long-term business and help you go from $0 to your first $1k month selling your handmade products. There are twelve modules, and each is unlocked every week to help you stay focused and avoid overwhelm.

This handcrafted 12-week program was designed for makers, artists and designers who want to earn consistent income in their business. My program allows you the time to develop great and exciting ideas – from product designs to branding, to building your website and crafting your marketing plan.

This program will help you build a strong, sustainable business that grows as big as you want it to be.

You’ll develop a business that thrives for years to come and lets you live the life you’ve dreamed of!

The A Sale A Day Business System includes over 35 hours of video lessons, transcripts, audio recordings, scripts, templates, calculators, and virtually every resource you need to start and grow your business.
Special Bonuses
Join today and receive these FREE exclusive bonuses that have helped my students go from a sale a week to four sales a day! (These are just a few of the bonuses!)
Exclusive PR List of 1000’s of Media Contacts ($3,500/year value)
Not sure who to pitch your products to? This is one of the biggest challenges makers face and it’s what prevents them from pitching their products. This exclusive PR list includes 1000’s of media contacts to the top magazines, newspapers, TV shows, blogs, radio stations and influencers. This is the same list that PR professional agencies that charge at least a thousand dollars a month, use. 

Example media contacts included: Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Country Living, People, Cosmopolitan, Consumer Reports, Us Weekly, Real Simple, and thousands more. 
Mei's Ultimate Favorite Resources List ($997 Value)
Take a look over my shoulder and find out my favorite apps, tools, software (and people) I can't live without! These resources have all played a huge role in my business' multiple six figure success.

Avoid trial and error and wasted money. Snag my list and get straight to the gems!

Mei’s Ultimate Favorite Resources List includes both free and paid apps, software and tools that help you multiply your income by tenfold and save you hours every week. And that means you can focus more on creating!
Pitch Template & the Actual Emails I Used to Get Featured in the Largest Magazines in the Country ($297 value)
You never have to worry about what do you say to a magazine or blogger when you reach out to them. 

I’m giving you my pitch template so you know exactly what to say when you reach out to editors, bloggers and other people who have large audiences for you to get in front of. 

I also give you 13 of the exact emails I used on my own business or my clients’ business that have gotten their products in the hands of huge influencers and media outlets who have millions of followers and readers, and without costing a single dime.
automagic Email Marketing Vault ($2,000 value)
Creating an autoresponder series of emails for your shop is what will help you turn visitors into buyers (once you get them over to your site using my Coattail Technique and the marketing strategies I teach you in this course). 

But what do you write in your emails? What subject lines do you use? When do you send out those emails? 

Great questions that you never have to think about, because this bonus includes over thirty emails from seven of my own autoresponder emails to help you automate your marketing and sales. You can literally copy and paste my emails or take inspiration from them if you want!
Live Group Coaching Calls with Mei Every Month ($5,100 value)
You’ll never be left hanging or guessing if you’re doing the right thing. 

Unanswered questions in your business can make you feel overwhelmed and cause analysis paralysis. The best way to push through challenges is with support from someone who's successfully walked the path you’re on now. I'll personally help you bust through any blocks, be your cheerleader or steer you in the right direction whenever you feel confused.
Twice Monthly ONLINE Chats
($2,100 value)
Our online chats are easy to join (via your mobile device or computer). You get an additional way to stay in touch with me and get clarity on your next steps.

Never feel alone again, get answers to your burning questions or just share any wins you’ve had.

I’m here to support you and hold you accountable! Let's make your dream business happen!
Access to a professional community of handmade artisans ($588 value)
You know the sayings for this. Birds of a feather flock together. Or: you’re the sum of the five people you hang out with the most. 

Surround yourself with other makers who are serious about growing their business and who will challenge and push you to move forward, not coddle you. 

This is the member’s only exclusive Creative Hive forums where you can get ongoing support and answers to your questions throughout the business building adventures.
34 Exclusive Guest Expert Masterclass REcordings ($3,400 value)
Access to masterclasses with successful artists, makers and designers who are making a living with their craft. 

Here’s a taste of past masterclass guests you’ll get access to right away:
Instagram Success with Ria Chan from Craftsposure

Being A Working Artist with Lisa Congdon

Growing a Multiple Six Figure Handmade Business with Cheri Tracy of Orglamix

Creative Copywriting with Kateland Kelly
How to Sell Digital and Subscription Products with Stacey Trock & Wendi Gratz

Getting Your Products on TV with Peggy Li

Email Marketing Best Practices with MailerLite

Licensing Your Art with Corinna Buchholz of Piddix
Comparisonitis with Lucy Sheridan

Growing Your Etsy Shop with Melissa Kaiserman

Selling on Handmade on Amazon and FBA with Molly Chen

Bookkeeping, Accounting & Taxes with Allison Rosen
Mastering Pinterest with Bridgette Salvon-Berndt

Successful Shows and Secrets to Wholesale with Larissa Loden

Running a Successful Art Business with Yao Cheng

Practical Steps to Selling Wholesale with Wholesale in a Box
Get Started Now
Enrollment is closed and will reopen in a few months.
Student  Results
$97,500 in sales after only less than 2 years in business

We officially started 1.5 years ago. We’re so close to $100,000 sales revenue... like $97,500 close. Excuse me while I go pick my chin up of the floor! I’m amazed, thankful and overwhelmed. 

So much of what I’ve learned has come through Mei Pak and the A Sale A Day Business System. I kid you not. She has walked me through so much and I’ll be forever grateful for the foundational principals she’s helped me set in place! (cuz, this girl from the backwoods of KY was kinda sorta clueless). 
- Danielle B.
After teaching kathy how to pitch to influencers, she got 3,000 unique visitors, 77 new subscribers & $1,000+ in sales

Here's my update on my week after being mentioned for about 15 seconds in the influencer’s Insta story last Sunday night. My web traffic went crazy - just under 3000 unique visitors and 77 new email subscribers.

The best part was hearing Cha-Ching all week. I had 5 sales immediately after she shared her story and then the sales kept coming through Thursday. Then I sent a follow up email last night (Sunday) and got another sale. In total I've had 15 sales ($780) from that little share. I coincidentally had my highest month ever on Etsy with ($830) in sales. I also opened shop on Amazon handmade and had two sales ($50).
- Kathy J.
increased sales by 20% last year from one strategy

The methods you taught me for targeting Facebook ads at the right audience, combined with the inviting strategy have led to a 20% increase in my sales over the last year and I reached 10,000 Facebook fans!

Thank you so much for helping me figure out some of the strategies and science behind Facebook to reach the people who will most likely want to buy my products!
- Kristy S.
made more sales so far this year than all of last year

Thank you so much Mei! Your advice is so helpful. I really appreciate your teaching style. It really puts things into perspective. 

It’s hard to believe that a few months ago, I didn’t think I could afford to pay the price of the course. Now I can’t imagine NOT being an A Sale A Day Business System member. If it weren’t for you I’d still be an Etsy-only seler, without a website, no email list and inconsistent sales. I’d have no idea who I was trying to sell to. You’ve helped me completely change my mindset and it’s made such a huge difference. 

Since July, I’ve launched my website, my email list is steadily growing each day and my monthly income is increasing each month. I’ve made more sales so far this year than all of last year. Yay! I am so grateful. Thank you so much!
- Lauren S.
I used techniques from class to land the account!

I had two pieces pre-selected (out of eight requested samples) to be in a catalog called Uno Alla Volta. I used my blogger pitching techniques from Mei’s class to land the account! It was the first company I’ve ever reached out to that said “yes” from the first email. Such a lovely treat! This year is all about retail sales. I’ve linked your course on several FB groups. It was the #1 most helpful thing I’ve done for my business in months!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been on a tear lately taking classes from you and other teachers and your classes feels like coming home. You have a warmth, a realness and an “inclusionary” attitude that the other people just don’t have. I love your energy and your information is always specific and doable. 
- Justine V.
Melissa went from a sale every 1-2 weeks to 4 sales a day

I just wanted to share with you that I’ve had the best sales week I’ve ever had. Since Monday, I have officially made at least one sale a day... More often 2-3 and today it was 4!!!

Thank you so much for your guidance and all your extra help! I truly believe I can make this business not only work, but be profitable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
- Melissa L.
I had no intention of signing up for the program

I had no intention of signing up for the program when it was announced. What changed my mind was the fact that it was a year plus long venture and the promise of support, rather than some generic materials, which I could probably find on the Internet with some digging on my own.

I’ve learned so much already and look forward to the modules to come. Between your advice and the support of the forum, I know I am years ahead of where I would be trying to figure this out on my own. It was a blessing to find you when I did!
- Wendy H.
This is Not an Etsy Course
Unlike other programs, I don’t focus on building an Etsy shop. While Etsy is a great place to sell products, it’s too risky to build your brand on. You have no control over the platform. Etsy can change their search algorithm, the shop layout, or introduce a new policy that doesn't benefit you.

And how many times have you heard someone say, “I just bought this on Etsy!” and never mention the shop or shop owner who sold the product! That won’t get you any brand recognition or business!

It happens all the time. And it hurts those businesses.

We won’t waste time going over things that don’t support your success.

Instead, build your business with a sound, tried-and-true business system created for makers, designers, and creatives like you. 

The A Sale A Day Business System is the only one stop resource that shows you how to build a long-term business and help you go from $0 to your first $1k month selling your handmade products. And then well beyond $1K - a smart business plan has that effect.
Hi! I’m Mei Pak. 
I own Creative Hive Co. and Tiny Hands Jewelry. Before finding the keys to success, I only made $9,000 in sales for the year. That didn't exactly pay the bills. I was stuck. I know the fear, the struggles, the sense of failure. I had no following to promote my work and I had limited cash to invest. I was kinda broke. You know what changed? My strategies. All of them. I took a step back and reworked my entire business plan. 

The following year I made $30,000, then $80,000 the next, and my third year launched me into a multiple six-figure income of $200,000, selling handmade jewelry online, all while working from home!

What I did to turn my business around was really pretty ordinary and simple. And something you can do, too!

And you can start right here, right now. Together we can change your business from barely surviving to totally thriving!

I’m so excited to help you and have you join me and the A Sale A Day Business System community. 

I know I can help you because I’ve helped many others who are also struggling to get sales with their handmade, handcrafted products, designs, and creations. 

I went from barely making it to over $200,000 selling my handmade products, super cute scented food jewelry! I create my handmade jewelry at Tiny Hands where I currently sell in over 100 stores, and lead a team of four production assistants and two sales reps.
You might have seen my jewelry in inTouch, Rachael Ray, The Chew, Incredible Things, Daily Candy, Hello Giggles, Huffington Post and even on the TV show Parks and Recreation!

I’ve run my small handmade business since 2006, and I’ve been doing this full time since 2011. I helped my husband quit his job in 2013 and my business alone support us both. We bought our house, pay all our bills on time, and have lots more time to spend together!

And that’s why I’m making my course so affordable. Because I’ve been where you are with not a ton of cash to invest, but a need, an overwhelming desire, to turn a dream into a reality. I built this course over years of trial and error, testing dozens of concepts and figuring out what works and what doesn’t for my handmade business. I know it will work for you if you let it.
You’re ready for​ A Sale A Day Business System if you want to:
  • Create a life that you and your family are passionate about 
  • Have the freedom to work when and where on your terms
  • Sell your products beyond your circle of friends and family
  • Show people that your “hobby” is way more than that - show those naysayers that you have one heckuva business, baby!
  • Build a business that supports your life and your family 
  • Start scaling your business and hitting consistent monthly sales in excess of $1,000 right away
  • Get your first big wholesale order
  • Build your life around your passion of creating, not around that 9-5 job you endure
My Promise To You
I believe it’s a tragedy when an artist or maker with amazing talent and beautiful products can’t get their work seen by their right people, simply because they don’t have an effective business plan.

I want you to have what you need to share your talent with the world, and so I’m offering you an unbeatable guarantee. My promise to you is this:

I will refund you 2x your investment if you can show evidence you've done the work prescribed in the course and haven't seen a change in your life or business. Valid for one year.

I want to make this easy for you. You deserve to give A Sale A Day Business System a try so you can see for yourself what a smart investment this course truly is.

A Sale A Day Business System could be the difference between a business that fails and a business dream that comes true.

Aren’t you worth that? And your family, your dreams, your passion… aren’t they worth that, too?
A Sale A Day Business System Could be the 
Difference Between a Business that Fails and a 
Business Dream that Comes True
Enrollment is closed and will reopen in a few months.
Frequently Asked Questions