Ready to earn $1K a month (and ​mo​re) 
 selling your handmade products?
   products you love to make!   
  You CAN have a profitable business selling the   
Do you want to:
  • Build a business that brings in enough income so you can leave your 9-5 job
  • Earn real income making, creating, and designing so that your passion is finally taken seriously by friends and family
  • Feel validated because you have customers and fans who love and buy your products
  • Leave the tiring round of craft shows behind and take your business online
  • Sell your products ​ ​consistently to a​ growing fan base
  • Get those orders you so desperately want, and deserve
  • Build a smart, effective business and marketing plan with support and guidance
  • Feel the joy in making and creating, knowing that your products ARE going to sell
  • Join a like-minded community of makers, designers, and creatives that get you?
I know you can’t imagine life without creating
...Because I can’t either
I know you pour your heart and soul into the things you make and you dream of sharing that with the world, because I do, too.

You know you have a good product … or, you think you do … you're not even sure anymore because your craft shows and Etsy shop aren’t bringing in enough money to pay the bills, the kind of money your products could, and should, be bringing in.
I get it. Because that used to be me.
What if I told you the story you’re living right now is one I lived and breathed...
**before I broke out of the confusing maze of information that bombards shop owners.
**before I finally figured out how to get my business launched into the big leagues so I could earn a real income and support my family (doing what I loved - creating!).
Hi, I’m Mei Pak, owner of Creative 
Hive Co., and Tiny Hands (my food 
jewelry business)
I took myself and my fledgling business into the big leagues by implementing the strategies I want to share with you! Yep, this vintage-dress loving, sushi and Gilmore Girls obsessed chick, made her first $1,000 month selling miniature food jewelry. All with a website I hacked together myself.
Before finding the keys to success, I only made $9,000 between online sales and craft events for the year. That didn't exactly pay the bills. But then the following year I made $30,000, then $80,000 the next, and – with a much better plan in place – my third year launched me into a six-figure ​income of $200,000, selling handmade jewelry online, all while working from home!
I, too, felt like I was spinning my wheels a few years ago, creating and working hard, struggling along like most shop owners of handmade products you and I know.
If you’ve ever felt like I did, please know that you’re not alone, and even better, know that​ I can help you get the shop of your dreams.
When I first started I would’ve answered ‘yes’ to every question below:
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing works?
  • Do you feel like nobody is buying your products and you’re thinking about giving up?
  • Are you tired of the craft shows, with the all the prep work, the long hours, the grueling set up and tear-down? ​Craft shows are hard work!
  • Do you love making things but can’t figure how to stand out and get some traction among all the competition?
  • Have you felt overwhelmed when looking through all the “solutions” and “advice” you see out there?
  • Are you discouraged and not even sure any more if you have a good product?
  • Is the aggravation and frustration of trying to get your business going leaving you bummed out and ready to give up?
  • Are you starting to feel skeptical that nobody can really help you build your business into a revenue-making business you love?
All that uncertainty, disappointment and second-guessing is draining, to say the least! Crap, I know! I’ve been there and it’s not a fun place to be. You’re not the only one struggling with these challenges....I have some good news for you …
I can help you.
I turned a stagnant business into a $200K/year
And while my family thinks I’m pretty special, what I did to turn my business around 
was really pretty ordinary. And simple.

And something YOU can do, too!
And you can start right here, right now.
Change the trajectory of your business ​today.

Together we can change your business from barely surviving to totally thriving!
First, do yourself a favor and stop reading the bazillion Handmadeology posts and Shopify blogs and running google searches … why make things more confusing than they have to be?

Building a business and staying sane while doing it ARE possible. Who on earth could sift through all that information … if you’re stuck in a holding pattern, it’s no wonder … information overload and conflicting advice can wreak havoc on our success.

It’s not your fault if your business is all over the place. But starting today, leave that all behind.
Let’s get you started on the smart business
moves so you biz grows.
I got my first sale on my website (since its launch one month back). It was an absolute stranger who had first signed up to my email list. I'm super thrilled because she ended up buying three pieces of jewellery. Hurray! The A Sale A Day Business System is the best thing that happened to me. THANK YOU! 
Subhadra Lakshmanan
Mrinmayee Jewellery
I’ve emailed 19 national magazine editors - nine opened my emails! Three requested samples/lookbook, and one was a finalized feature. The Seventeen editor was so sweet to me. I even got to send jewelry for an Elle Fanning photoshoot! I would’ve never tried to pitch to them had I not taken the class with you, so thank you! - 
 - Molly Chen
INTRODUCING A Sale A Day Business System
A Sale A Day Business System is a step-by-step roadmap for creatives, makers and designers like you who want to build a successful, vibrant business selling products you love making … a business that brings in revenue to sustain you and your family.
A Sale A Day Business System is an in-depth course ​that shows you how to build a long-term business and help you go from $0 to your first $1k month selling your handmade products.
Full of practical strategies, tips, lessons and live support from me, ​A Sale A Day Business System will get you on the MOST EFFECTIVE path so you can get your business as big and successful as you want it to be.

You will literally get at least ​a sale a day, and then another, ​and another​, ​and another...
No more craft show exhaustion, no more wasted resources on courses and books that don’t help you. You’ve got me and​ A Sale A Day Business System now. I can show you the way to the business you’ve always wanted



  • They lack personal support or validation that they’re on the right track, especially when results are slow.
  • They fall prey to the shiny object syndrome - signing up for a blogging course one day, an Instagram course the next … they become full of puzzle pieces but never learn how to put those pieces together in a way that makes sense, that gets RESULTS!
  • And finally (and one that got me) they build their business backwards.
Yep,​ backwards.

Most of us think like this:

1. I’ve got a product idea!
2. Who’s my product for?
3. How will I market to them … how will I reach them?
But guess what … ​that way of thinking doesn’t work for most of us!

Instead, I WILL teach you the formula that actually gets 

results! I take you into way more depth in A Sale A Day

Business System, but here’s a sneak peek:

determine who your product is for AND WHO 
Deciding from the get-go who your ideal customer is will save you tons of headache and ensure you hit the ground running from Day 1.
create a product idea your people will love 
Use your creative right-brain to design a product that you know your ideal customers will just eat up, while still crafting a product that you love making!
streamline how to
reach those people and market to them
Using effective and efficient systems and strategies taught in this program, you'll spread the word about your business in less than ten hours a week
Using effective and efficient systems and strategies taught in this program, you'll spread the word about your business in less than ten hours a week.

That’s just the beginning … I’ll tell you more about the course in just a second. But I want to be clear: ​This is NOT a get-rich quick scheme. You’re not going to create a successful business, a great product or a memorable brand in a couple of weeks. That’s just now how it works for most people.
A Sale A Day Business System is my Handcrafted 12-month program for​ makers, artists and designers who want to earn consistent income in their business
My program ​allows you the time to develop great and exciting ideas – from product designs to branding, to building your website and crafting your marketing plan.
It doesn’t mean you’ll wait 12 months to make a sale. It ​does mean that I help you build a strong, sustainable business that grows as big as you want it to be.
It means you’ll develop a business that thrives for years to come and lets you live the life you’ve dreamed of! 
I want to thank you so much for the Instagram post that launched into a  great social media and sales week for me! I started the week with about 290 Insta Followers and I’m up to 369! Sales have started to flow again after a dry spell. Thanks to you and your wonderful art and social savvy!
- Julie Bolton 
Here's a look at what you’ll learn with A Sale A Day Business System
Product and Business Idea Creation 
or Refinement
  • Identify winning product ideas
  • Create your unique selling proposition
  • Find your ideal customer using my Coattail Technique
  • Learn how to create product level stacking for tons of repeat business
Production & Photography
  • Craft a cohesive product line that sells
  • Launch with your Minimum Viable Product Line 
  • Discover best practices for production and creating systems for future growth
  • Learn how to take product photos on a white background
  • Learn how to take stunning lifestyle and model product photos
  • Choose pricing strategies for luxury vs. practical products vs. information products like patterns and crafty courses
  • Uncover smart strategies to price affordably or charge premium prices
  • Pay yourself with the formula I use to help you maintain a smart budget
Branding & Packaging
  • Name your business and create your tagline or elevator pitch
  • Create a brand board for a memorable brand (including logo, color palette and patterns)
  • Create a logo and business card design, quickly and easily
  • Source product packaging and create unique, custom packaging
  • Learn how to brand your email address for credibility and trust
Setting Up Shop
  • Figure out which ecommerce platform to use and what to consider when deciding
  • How to Shopify: choosing a theme, setting up your store, apps that’ll earn you money
  • Set up product listings
Email List Building
  • How to collect email subscribers with ease
  • Create a freebie incentive (physical vs. digital vs. information products)
  • Choose your email list service  
  • Install sign up forms on your site and learn where to put them  
  • Learn easy email autoresponders (The Welcome Series, Post Purchase Series, the Giveaway Funnel and more)
  • Determine what email broadcasts to send and when
SEO & Blogging
  •  Create a blogging strategy for luxury products vs. information products
  • Create blog topic ideas easily
  • Discover the best ways to promote your blog post
  • Uncover the best SEO practices for your business
  • Learn how to increase search engine rankings with backlinks
  • Discover Pinterest's algorithm
  • Brand your business on Pinterest and grow your following
  • Put Pinterest on autopilot
Instagram & Facebook
  •  Grow your following by thousands of followers every month with these easy how-to’s
  • Build an engaged audience
  • Learn what to say and what to post for maximum reach and engagement
Influencer Marketing, Magazines and Blogger Outreach
  • Find influencers, magazines and blogs to pitch to
  • Compose and refine your pitch using my template
  • Learn how to follow up without being sleazy
  • Hear about the best ninja tools and apps to use
Selling Wholesale
  • Develop a wholesale line and package that store buyers love
  • Learn how to create your linesheet and order form, step-by-step
  • Design your wholesale packaging and POS display
  • Find stores, learn how to pitch them, and follow up like a pro
Scaling Up For Massive Growth
  • Discover the first and easiest things to hire out
  • Automate your business with the best apps, tools and software available Ir
  • on out the nitty gritty details and understand how to hire production and shipping help. Expand your marketing team
  • Use Facebook ads the right way so you get a return on your investment
This is the ​only in-depth course that shows you how to build a ​long-term business and help you go from $0 to your first $1k month selling your handmade products​. ​And then well beyond $1K - a smart business plan has that effect ;-)
Good news! I just have to tell you a MASSIVE THANK YOU! I took your pricing advice and got my best selling leather products 60% cheaper from my supplier than I have been getting for a year! My margins are so much better!! Gah!! I'm just thrilled and I have YOU to directly thank for that victory! I'm still on Month 2 of the 12-month course. I continue to be blown away by your practical, thoroughly explained help!
- Danielle Brower
Create Hope Cuffs
Unlike other programs, I don’t focus on building an Etsy shop. While Etsy is a great place to sell products, it’s too risky to build your brand on. You have no control over the platform. Etsy can change their search algorithm, the shop layout, or introduce a new policy that doesn't benefit you.

And how many times have you heard someone say, “I just bought this [great thing] on Etsy!” and never mention the shop or shop owner who sold the product! That won’t get you any brand recognition or business!

It happens all the time. And it hurts those businesses. We won’t waste time going over things that don’t support your success
The methods you taught me for targeting the right audience, combined with other Facebook tricks have led to a 20% increase in my sales over the last year. We've grown from several hundred to almost 10,000 Facebook fans using your tips. Thank you for helping me figure out the strategies and science behind Facebook to reach the people who will most likely want to buy my products! 
- Kristy Sickles
Daisy Mae Designs
Instead, build your business with a sound, tried-and-true business system created for makers, designers, and creatives like you. A system designed to bring you from zero to $1K per month and then more … and more … and more … as far as your dreams want to take you. 
A SALE A Day Business System is that system
Ready to say “heck yes” to all of the
possibility you deserve?
12 months of in-depth business building and marketing training that takes you from $0 to your next $1k month and beyond
A full immersion experience, complete with video, audio, transcripts and worksheets, so no matter how you learn best, I’ve got you covered
Actionable steps to keep you moving forward
12 months of in-depth business building and marketing training that takes you from $0 to your next $1k month and beyond
You’ll also get Bonus Goodies to Make Business Building Even Easier!
Live Group Coaching Calls with Mei Every Month ($3,000 value)
You’ll never be left hanging or guessing if you’re doing the right thing in this course.
Unanswered questions in your business can make you feel overwhelmed and cause analysis paralysis. The best way to push through challenges is with support from someone who's successfully walked the path you’re on now. I'll personally help you bust through any blocks, be your cheerleader or steer you in the right direction whenever you feel confused.
I’m here to support you and hold you accountable! Let's make your dream business happen!
Twice Monthly Live Text Chats ($2,100 value)
Our text chats are easy to join (via your mobile device or computer) and gives you an extra way to get clarity on your next steps.
Never feel alone again, get answers to your burning questions or just share any wins you’ve had.
Twelve Months Free Access to the Creative Hive Colony Forums ($180 value)
12 months free to my exclusive Creative Hive Colony forums for ongoing support and answers to your questions throughout the program.
After 12 months, pay just $15/month for continued support!
Guest Expert Masterclasses ($1,800 value)
Access to eight (and counting) 90-minute masterclasses with successful artists, makers and designers who are making a living with their craft.
You'll get: Being A Working Artist with Lisa Congdon, How to Sell Digital and Subscription Products with Stacey Trock and Wendi Grat, Getting Your Products on TV with Peggy Li, Overcoming Comparisonitis with Lucy Sheridan, Growing Your Etsy Shop with Melissa Kaiserman, Mastering Pinterest with Bridgette Salvon-Berndt, Successful Shows and Secrets to Wholesale with Larissa Loden
Access To Business Building Workshop Replays
If you've ever been to one of my live online workshops, you know the replays are taken down after 48 hours.
If you purchase this course, you'll get access to all my past workshops to watch whenever you like! Workshop replays include: Creative Business Building, A Roadmap for Blogging Success, and, How to Craft Instagram Posts that Convert Fans Into Buyers.
Mei's Ultimate Favorite Resources List
Take a look over my shoulder and find out my favorite apps, tools, software (and people) I can't live without! These resources have all played a huge role in my business' multiple six figure success.
Avoid trial and error and wasted money. Snag my list and get straight to the gems! 
Mei’s Ultimate Favorite Resources List includes both free and paid apps, software and tools that help you multiply your income by tenfold ​and save you hours every week. And that means you can focus more on creating!
The 7 Day Instagram Challenge ($197 value)
When you join the A Sale A Day Business System, you get FREE immediate access to one of my bestselling courses, the 7 Day Instagram Challenge.
This alone will teach you everything you need to know to do Instagram right,use the correct hashtags for your business and implement easy systems to start growing your profile by thousands of the right kinds of followers
Facebook Ads Masterclass For Handmade Shop Owners ($397 value)
You’ll also get free access to my Facebook Ads Masterclass. You’ll have my system for making consistent, automatic sales to your online shop in under 3 hours.
This is a simple, easy to understand and short class that teaches you the best and fastest way to start making more sales right now!

Mei inspires and brightens my entire month in a single call. I’d start it off feeling discouraged bout how things were going, and she turned my state of mind around and got me excited to get back to work. My Instagram following has quadrupled and I also got my first confirmed Instagram sale. I used to think marketing was a chore and felt inauthentic. Now I enjoy it and I see the reward of finding & interacting with my true fans
-Tanith Caylor 
 Monster Kitty Society
You get the entire course, and all those
bonuses (a value of over $7,000)
- For just $49 per month  -
It’s an investment that will pay for itself a hundred-fold, a thousand-fold and more, if you let it.
I’m so excited to help you and have you
join me and the ​A Sale A Day Business S
sYtem community.
I know I can help you because I’ve helped many others who are also struggling to get sales with their handmade, hand-crafted products, designs, and creations. I went from barely making it to over $200K selling my handmade products, super cute scented food jewelry! I 

create my handmade jewelry at Tiny Hands where I currently sell in over 100 stores, and lead a team of four production assistants and two sales reps. And I did this without any investor capital, credit card debt or rich husbands. I did it with my business plan... the plan I give you, and teach you how to use, in ​A Sale A Day Business System.  

You might have seen my jewelry in inTouch, Rachael Ray, The Chew, Incredible Things, Daily Candy, Hello Giggles, Huffington Post and even on the TV show Parks and Recreation! I’ve run my small handmade business since 2006, and I’ve been doing this full time since 2011. I helped my husband quit his job in 2013 and my business alone support us both. We bought our house, pay all our bills on time, and have lots more time to spend together!

Yes, I went from a business that was stuck at nearly $0 in sales to $200K. I know the fear, the struggles, the sense of failure. I had no following to promote my work and I had limited cash to invest. I was kinda broke. You know what changed? My strategies. All of them. I took a step back and reworked my entire business plan. And that’s why I’m making my course so affordable … because I’ve been where you are … not a ton of cash to invest … but a ​need, an overwhelming desire, to turn a dream into a reality.
If you are on the fence about this program, I highly recommend it. I was a MESS when I joined and now 5 months in the program, I finally have clarity and I know I am headed for success. FOr the cost, where in the world can you get a coach's help not once, but 3 times a month? Plus access to email, forums and other training videos! 
- Denise Sherrill
You’re ready for​ A Sale A Day Business System if you want to
  • Build a business that supports your life and your family
  • Sell your products beyond your circle of friends & family
  • Show people that your “hobby” is WAY more than that - show those naysayers that you have one heckuva business, baby!
  • Start scaling your business and hitting consistent monthly sales in excess of $1K right away
  • Have the freedom to work when and where on YOUR terms
  • Create a life that you and your family are passionate about
  • Build your life around your passion of creating, not around that 9-5 job you endure
  • Get your first big wholesale order
Again, I do want to tell you…
building a business takes time.
Getting your business to work for the long run requires dedication to do it right. If you’re not willing to invest time and energy into your business for a full year, your business probably won’t be around in three ... five … ten years time. As I mentioned, this isn’t a get-rich quick-and-easy plan. I do hope you’re excited to take the time you need to build your business on a solid and successful foundation.
I believe ​it’s a tragedy when an artist or maker with amazing talent and beautiful products can’t get their work seen by their right people, simply because they don’t have an effective business plan. I want you to have what you need to share your talent with the world, and so I’m offering you an unbeatable guarantee …
My promise to you is this:
If you don’t LOVE my program, I insist you get 100% of your money back. And, as I said, you can cancel anytime! 

I want to make this easy for you. You deserve to give A Sale A Day Business System a try so you can see for yourself what a smart investment this course truly is.
A Sale A Day Business System could be the difference between a business that fails and a business dream that comes true
Aren’t you worth that? And your family, your dreams, your passion … aren’t they worth that, too?
And join today for $49 per month
Q. Who is this course for? Is it for beginners, intermediate or advanced business owners? 
Before I answer the question, first let's get clear that it's really hard to accurately self-identify whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced business owner. Instead, let's put concrete numbers on it so you can easily decide if this program is for you or not.
This course is for anyone who wants to make a consistent income online. Our goal is to make consistent $1,000 months, then scale up from there for five figure months if you want. So if you’re not making $1,000 yet from your business, or your main site (but say you’ve got a failing Etsy shop), or you’ve done a ton of wholesale or craft shows and you want to bring your business online, this course is for you.
Q. When does the course start?
The course starts right away after you sign up! You'll get access to Month 1 immediately, then Month 2 will be released a month after you sign up and so on.
Q. How much time do I need to invest in this? 
I designed this course to fit into the schedule of busy moms and full time employees. So if you're not working in your business full time yet, and you only have evenings and weekends to take the course, this is perfect for you!
I use the 80/20 rule as a general framework around the strategies I use and teach in this course. This means helping you figure out what can make the biggest impact in your business that takes the least amount of your time and effort.
This 80/20 rule has enabled me to run 4 businesses at once without working around the clock.
Q. What's your refund policy?
I'm 100% confident that you'll love this course. Just in case you're still on the fence, you can decide later and take a test drive for 30 days.
Getting your money back is a simple process. Just send me an email. You don’t even have to tell me WHY. Tell me you’d like a refund. I won’t ask any questions, I won’t ask for homework proof. I’ll just send you your money back. If this program did nothing for you, I have no reason to keep your money. I value our relationship more than that.
Join now and see for yourself just how incredible this
life of creating can be when you follow your heart
and chase your dreams.
You can do it. You just need the right business system.
A Sale A Day Business System is ​that system.
“Your business is about to get better. I guarantee it!”
You made it to the end. Nice work!