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Mei Pak Creative LiveI’m an entrepreneur, artist and marketing expert who comes with first hand experience with running a creative business. I not only talk the talk, I also walk the walk.

Yes! I’m available for speaking/workshop engagements and interviews. I recently taught at Creative Live and Midwest Craft Con.

I create handmade jewelry at Tiny Hands where I currently sell in over 100 stores, lead a team of four production assistants and two sales reps.

I’ve made six figure sales in just one year selling my handmade jewelry without any investor capital or credit card debt.

You might have seen my jewelry in inTouch, Rachael Ray, The Chew, Incredible Things, Daily Candy, Hello Giggles, Huffington Post and even on TV show Parks and Recreation.

I’ve run my small handmade business since 2006, I’ve been doing this full time since 2011 and helped my husband quit his job in 2013.

Mei's approach to teaching was informative, very well thought out, and presented with a lively personality that kept me and the entire audience engaged.  More than once, she had anticipated people's questions and had entire sections dedicated to the answers. Including personal anecdotes entertained and more importantly, drove her point home. I hope I have the opportunity to take a class with Mei again.


- Allison Rosen, bookkeeper at Crafty Controller and maker at Within a Quarter Inch

kelly zalenski
You were one of my favorite presenters. You had such an ease about you and the way you explained things. It was also very important to me, since the workshops were only 45 minutes, that the presenter covered the material and didn't let the audience stray. With creative types, we are very easily distracted! And many times in the past (and with other presenters/panels) the person speaking was distracted by a question/comment that didn't really relate to all/the subject at hand, and my first instinct is to tune out. But you seemed very aware of both the time and the pace, and I really loved how genuine and honest you are, and how when you felt you were drifting off topic, you reigned it right away! You just really anticipated that very well, and your pace and tone were so engaging I really never drifted! I really enjoyed your teaching style because I feel you were very empowering- like if she can do it, so can I and here's how I can get started on that path! That was HUGE.
I found your information to be straight to the point and I loved your examples from your career. I really loved the questions you gave us to ask ourselves before pursuing a match with PR. Everything you said made sense and was straight forward. You gave me concrete steps to try and pursue bloggers I want to work with, and confirmed my hesitation with some that have contacted me in the past.  I've got some more research to do, but I'm confident now I will contact future PR reps the correct way and have a better chance at a response. That is HUGE and something the ones of us just starting out needed! I feel confident enough to not have to wait for someone to find me, but when I'm ready for more exposure, I can try and create it myself with the tools/steps you provided.
- Kelly Zalenski, Twinzz Shop


I mostly enjoyed how practical and personable your workshops were for the audience. You gave us hard evidence that what you "preached" was working for you in the real business world. As an artist with a big creative mindset, I get lost in the "big picture" of things and find it hard to pinpoint exactly how to get where I want. You gave us concrete steps to take that would benefit our businesses short and long term that we could apply immediately. 

There were so many take aways from your workshops; I had attended the Blogger Exposure along with the Social Media. My largest take aways were to be consistent, be kind, do your research, and have a presence. If you keep showing up, sharing your work, and are attentive, the audience and customers will show their support.

- Brittany Dunlap, illustrator, artist and Midwest Craft Con workshop attendee

carolyn adams

We both loved your energy and enthusiasm.  It was totally contagious.  Your points were very organized and helpful for both classes that we attended.  You made them workable for everyone and gave examples of how they worked for you.

We have tons of notes.  I will be spending the next few months focusing on getting new wholesale clients.  Your notes from Blogger Outreach Exposure will be a big help when putting the plan into place.  As for your social media class - I was so happy that you focused on Instagram because that's our favorite way to promote.  I loved how you told us to determine what our fans like and dislike.  Sounds very common sense yet I hadn't thought of that.  :)  I also loved how you gave us a list of ideas of things to post other than our own stuff.

- Carolyn Adams, Hang Ups in KC

2016-2017 Workshops & Lectures

pitch-like-a-pro2Pitching Like A Pro

Get your products in the limelight! Getting media mentions and features are a fantastic and really quick way to get a flood of traffic to your site, meet new customers and make tons of sales! This is one of the most underutilized forms of marketing, but it can be really easy to do if you know the steps you need to take to get your products seen by the right people! While I love social media as a way to promote my businesses, what you’ll learn in this workshop can be done in just several hours a week, a few times a year, unlike social media where you have to show up every day which is exhausting!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to find social media influencers, magazine editors, bloggers and even brick and mortar store buyers to pitch your products to. You’ll also walk away with an email pitching template so you know exactly what to say and when!

your first 1k subscribers2Your First 1k Subscribers

Are you on social media to promote your business? Let’s face it, all of us are! Unfortunately, we’re all subject to algorithm changes and losing our fans we worked so hard to find. I bet your Facebook fans aren’t even seeing your posts anymore! What’s a girl to do?

You probably know the answer to it – start building that email list! But which email list service do you use? The most popular one may not be what’s right for you. And how do you grow your email list quickly? What do you send your subscribers and when? By the end of this workshop, you’ll know exactly which email service to use and have a concrete plan for maintaining your list. But most importantly, you’ll learn some growth hack ways on how to quickly and easily build up your base with your first 1,000 subscribers!

blogging the right wayBlogging the Right Way for your Information Based Business

Are you a teacher, coach, consultant or designer selling patterns? If so, blogging is the number one way to rapidly grow your audience so that you have tons of eager customers waiting to buy your new course or pattern.

Lots of people know what blogging is, but not many know how to do it the right way. The way that doesn’t cost you hours of your life every week but that still attracts oodles of your ideal customers to you like a dog to its bone.

You’ll learn how to create a blogging strategy that positions you as the go-to expert that you are in your market. You’ll also have a defined blogging calendar for what to post, how often to post and most importantly, how to promote your blog posts so they get tons of social media shares, traffic, email subscribers and customers to your site.

social media map2The Social Media Map for Quickly Building a Massive, Highly Engaged and Loyal Following

The number one challenge every creative person has with social media is with getting more followers and getting them to see and like your posts. Oh, also – making sales from social media.

The secret no one is telling you is it’s a two part strategy and you can’t do social media successfully without one or the other.

In this workshop, you’ll be given the Social Media Map for how to effortlessly build your own loyal following of over thousands of people who love your work. You’ll discover the two strategies for growth and engagement that will change the way you approach social media forever!


creative business buildingCreative Business Building – How to Create Your Simple Business Plan for the Next 12 Months

Here’s a truth bomb for you: 9 out of 10 businesses fail. If you want to safeguard your business from going bust or if you want to turn your hobby into a serious business that pays you a consistent income, you absolutely need a business plan. Ew! No, not a 200 page document in 9px Arial font. I’m talking about a simple strategy that directs and guides you, prevents overwhelm and helps you make hard decisions easily throughout the year.

This workshop will show you how you should really be approaching marketing your business (most people do it wrong), which forms of marketing are the right fit for your business and your personality type as well as which ones to focus on for the next 12 months. You’ll walk away with clarity, inspiration and a simple plan that will help you achieve success and sales in a short period of time.

recurring incomeBuild a Consistent Income – How to Create Your Subscription Product or Membership Site for Stable, Recurring Income

You know what sucks with being self employed? You can’t confidently tell when your next sale is coming in! How do you know how much money you’ll make next month? Will it even be enough to cover rent and bills? The financial instability is enough to scare anyone from pursuing running their own business.

Enter recurring income. You can create your own stability by setting up subscription products that pay you every month, or a membership site that you know will make you $1,000 every month without fail. No more tossing and turning in bed, no more awkward conversations with the husband about your financial contribution to the family. This workshop will show you how to design a sold out recurring product, how to promote it and the systems you’ll need for tying it all together into a seamless and easy process for you and your customers.

automate your business 2Easy and Efficient Ways to Automate your Business, Create Systems and Hire Help

Do you want to make more sales but you’re not sure how to keep up with production and shipping? You might be wearing all the hats in your business now, but you know it won’t last. The time to scale up is waaaaay before when your business grows.

In this workshop, we’ll bust through several myths and roadblocks with outsourcing and hiring help (like how it’s completely untrue that you need to have consistent sales before you hire your first production assistant).

You’ll be given my top list of resources (apps, software and tools) that put your business on autopilot so you can focus on the things you love or are good at doing.

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I thoroughly enjoyed your workshops! You are so enthusiastic and vibrant when you present the materials, I wanted to jump in right at that moment and start doing things! Your explanations are thorough and very straight forward, very easy to comprehend.

After the workshops, I had more confidence in what I needed to do. You gave us a lot of quick and easy formulas to use. And, you were so encouraging, it was easy to put them to use!
Thank you again for your help, I am so happy to have met you.

- Marsha Spaniel, Spinalfusion

rebecca jackson

After attending Mei’s workshops, I left with a clear understanding of what I should be doing and ways to improve what I already was doing. She explained social media and customer outreach in an accessible and simple way.  Most of all, I felt she connected with me as a person and imparted a true sense of caring about my success. I am so thankful I had the chance to hear her speak.

- Rebecca Jackson, maker at Remnants by RJ