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Want My Proven Done-For-You Email Scripts to Get Influencers To Promote Your Store For Free?

Dear fellow creative,

I want to personally thank you and congratulate you on signing up for Six Figure Online Store!

By making this first step forward it means…

You’ll NEVER worry about when your next sale is going to come in.

You’ll be FREE of the social media hamster wheel.

You’ll be FREE of the social media hamster wheel. You’ll NEVER have to give away all your money to Etsy!

I’ve seen time after time that students that go through my programs don’t radically improve their lives.

You’ll quickly find that getting traffic and sales to your online store is a simple effortless process that doesn’t require hundreds of hours going into social media.

Or like many of my clients, you’ll find yourself making consistent daily sales!

When this happened to me, we had so many orders coming in that we could afford to pay all our bills and helped my husband quit his job.

You Now Have Access To a Proven System That Will Help You Achieve Consistent, Profitable Sales!

Since I started coaching other online store owners back in 2016, I’ve had hundreds of life changing stories. Like…

Shanel who went from inconsistent sales on Etsy to helping her partner quit his job

Stephanie who went from no product idea to $22,348.61 in monthly sales

Kim who quadrupled her sales to $50k selling her products online

You’re moments away from experiencing the same transformation as Shanel, Stephanie and Kim.

But now, before you dive in, there’s something you must understand…

Although Six Figure Online Store Is Proven To Work...

Many Of My Students Never Got The Success They Wanted

Because even though I’ve given you all the steps you need to bring in a landslide of traffic and sales to your online store, many of you won’t do the work.

The reality is…

Unless you’re actively reaching out to influencers, nothing will happen.

Which means…

❌ You’re back with a store that barely gets any visitors, let alone sales

❌ You’re back to your family and friends looking down on you and your “hobby” business

❌ You’re back to posting 24/7 on social media to gain followers

❌ You’re back on Etsy with competitors consistently pricing you out of the market because you look like a commodity and not a unique brand

❌ You’re back researching and signing up for craft shows and making only a few sales a month (if any)

Now you’re probably wondering…

Why would this happen?

To be clear it has nothing to do with how well the Six Figure Online Store program works.

Six Figure Online Store is proven to work after helping hundreds of my students go from battling in a sea of competition to making 6 & 7 figures.

But, there’s always something that got in their way of making that happen…

After looking at my past and current students, I figured out the one thing that was holding them back from making consistent sales.

That one thing?

Partnering With The Right Influencers That Will Promote Them For Free!

Makes sense right?

If you don’t know what to write in your messages…

Or you send an unprofessional email or DM that turns influencers AWAY from working with you…

Then you won’t have traffic and sales in your online store because no one’s promoting your business!

My mission is always to help our students win by making it as easy as possible to make a living from their business.

So I wasn’t going to let reaching out to influencers get in the way of their success.

Especially because of the looming recession, inflation and increasing competition.

Once I realized this, I knew what I had to do…

I Had To Make It as Easy As “Copy Paste” To Help Store Owners Land Influencers Without Wondering What To Say Or How to Say It

I started by asking a simple question:

"How can we make influencer outreach so fast & effortless that the most stressed out, busy sellers working 10 hour days could still get influencers to promote their shops for them?"

I took my dog for a quick walk to think on it.

And that’s when it hit me…

Let's Just Give People The Exact Influencer Outreach Emails I Use Today To Get Influencers to Promote My Products!

I got to work and started spending hours searching through my email archives to dig up all my best email pitches.

I found all the ones that got replies and actually led to features

And tossed the ones that didn’t go anywhere.

Then, I looked at the common patterns I saw from my best emails after sending hundreds of emails and created the ultimate template anyone can use to land FREE partnerships with ease.

And because you’re on this page right now, I want to make it “push button easy” for you to get the EASY YES from the best influencers.

Because landing one good partnership can change your business overnight.

And on that note…

Easy Yes Influencer Scripts

The Easy Yes Influencer Scripts Were Born!

By giving you the exact influencer outreach emails that are proven to land deals…

We could help anyone rapidly send out influencer pitches and start lining up influencers who’ll send you traffic to your online store!

Without being afraid they’re sending the wrong information in their emails and upset the influencer.

To Make Sure They Actually Lead to FREE Influencer Features, I Decided To Test It On My Higher Level Course Students

I gave Easy Yes Influencer Scripts to existing students to see what would happen.

Needless to say, the results were outstanding.

On the worst end, a few people mentioned they experienced…

“Making $2,000 from an influencer’s 15-second Instagram story”

Not bad right, for the worst case scenario?

When you hear the results from people on the other end of the spectrum, you may not even believe me.

Some of my students reported they experienced:

“$100,000 fourth quarter sales”

“Making $97,500 a year in revenue”

Pretty crazy right?

That’s exactly what can happen when you simply copy paste my proven to work emails.

Easy Yes Influencer Scripts 2

Here's Everything You Get Inside Easy Yes Influencer Scripts

The Easy Yes Email Pitch Template

Get your email pitch templates response rate from 0% to 60%

It’s as easy as “fill in the blanks” to start landing influencer features in days instead of weeks

The template has been tested and proven to work across different types of product types, from jewelry and art to skincare and crayons.

13 Exact Emails For Every Type Of Online Business

Get the exact emails I've used for myself or clients' businesses to land features in HUGE media like BH&G, Seventeen magazine, W magazine, Good Housekeeping and more!

Model after what's proven to work - all emails are proven to work after testing all templates

Never have to wonder what to say in your emails again

Bonus: Emails For Celebrities & Selling Courses!

Wondering what to say to a celebrity? The Easy Yes Influencer Scripts include email pitches we've used to pitch to BIG NAMES!

Students have used this to successfully get featured by TV shows, celebrity parties and even got to work with Ashley Nell Tipton - winner of Project Runway season 14

PLUS: Get the exact email pitches to sell your expertise as a craft teacher or educator if you sell courses or kits

BONUS: Open Me Subject Lines

The subject line is the most crucial part of your emails. Get this wrong and no one will read your emails!

The Easy Yes Influencer Scripts subject line beats every other subject line out there for open rates

Use my simple, proven formula for crafting attention grabbing subject lines you can use across any niche or industry

Aside From A Sale A Day Business System - my $997 program, Easy Yes Influencer Scripts Is The Best Way I Know How I Can Ensure You Get Influencers Saying Yes To Work With You

Now you're probably wondering how much this costs...

The reality is, my best students that take fast action ALWAYS get the best results.

And I don’t mean to scare you, but I like to reward fast action takers.

Which is why Easy Yes Influencer Scripts are only available on this page.

Once you click out, you’ll miss the opportunity to get it at this price.

I’ve seen time and time again that the decision whether to get the Easy Yes Influencer Scripts

could literally make or break your success.

So now the question is…

What is your time to build a successful online store worth to you?

What is the freedom of having your traffic and sales problem all figured out, worth to you?

What is the cost of spending another day not enjoying time, financial freedom & flexibility?

I can tell you what I paid…

Looking back, I spent SIXTEEN years, and tens of thousands of dollars paying for coaches, freelancers and making every mistake in the book to learn what I’m about to show you today.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near this.

As I said earlier, I’m here to help make an impact.

With that in mind, my original idea was to price it at $497.

But quickly realized that because of the looming recession and inflation, I needed to price this the right way to get this in your hands.

So I cut that price one more time to $297.

And cut it one more to just $97.

That’s right, just $97.

What’s better is that like all my programs…

Easy Yes Influencer Scripts Are Completely Guaranteed!

Try it out on my dime. Try it for a year.

If you go through Easy Yes Influencer Scripts and you don’t experience the speed and ease of sending out influencer outreach emails, just send me an email at and you’ll get a full, no questions asked refund.

I’ll even cover the payment processing fees which means I lose money if you ask for a refund.

However, that’s a risk I’m willing to take to get Easy Yes Influencer Scripts in your hands.

Your info is completely confidential, and if you ask for a refund, I won’t even know about it.

You’ll get every penny back, right on your credit card.

Just know that…

This Isn't a "Hard" Decision

This decision you make on this page will decide if you have to go through your own trial and error of writing your own emails, or worse yet, put off sending emails so you never send any…

Or let me help you by using my Easy Yes Influencer Scripts that get influencers excited to promote your store to their audience for you!

And for the first time, you’re going to get access to something that was previously only available to my higher ticket students who paid $997.

All you have to do is say maybe by hitting that “upgrade” button below.

Remember, if anything said on this page or in the video above is false, ask for a full refund at any time.

So take a good look at the button below and I’ll see you on the inside.



Write outreach emails to influencers that get them excited to send FREE traffic and sales to your store

Only a One Time Investment of $97

The Easy Yes Email Pitch Template

13 Exact Emails For Every Type Of Online Business

BONUS: Emails For Celebrities & Selling Courses!

BONUS: Open Me Subject Lines

Backed By Our One Year Money Back Guarantee

Try it for 365 days and if you don’t feel it’s helped you send influencer outreach emails faster and with better results, then get every penny back on your credit card.


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