2016 Annual Income Report For My Handmade Business

2016 Annual Income Report For My Handmade Business

Have you ever been curious about how much other people make from their jobs?

I know I have, and the first place I look at is GlassDoor.com where employees of specific companies share reviews for the businesses they work for.

But more interestingly, they also share their annual income.

This is great data for job seekers and college students picking a major.

Unfortunately, this kind of data for handmade businesses is not readily available for public viewing.

This is one of the few reasons why I do an annual income report for my handmade business every year.

Here’s 2014’s income report, and here’s 2015’s.

One, to educate other creatives who are interested in taking their business to a more serious level.

Two, I believe in transparency and that you should follow a mentor or teacher that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

Three, because this is a good excuse for me to do a year review and analyze what went wrong or right so I can make plans for the new year.

Are you ready to take a peek behind my business?

Here’s a snapshot view of how the year went:

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Why Your Competitors Are Your Secret Weapon To Success

Why Your Competitors Are Your Secret Weapon To Success

“Your enemy can be your best teacher”- Dali Lama

It’s natural that as an artist or maker, every single item you create has a little bit of you in it.

It was your creative vision that made it, and your nimble hands that painted the brush strokes, cut that pattern with a scalpel or turned that stone into a pendant.

It was your time you sacrificed away from your friends or family, or mostly in my case Netflix and gym visits, to make that beautiful piece of art.

So when we think about successful people in our niches, we can get a bit….well…..defensive and our self confidence takes a nosedive.

We start to do what we do best, beat ourselves up!

In my Facebook group recently I asked my creative friends what thoughts spring to mind when thinking about their online competition.  

The people who are making a full time income from their creative talents and are further along the journey than them.

Here is what they said.

“Looking at online shops that are doing better than me makes me feel totally and utterly worthless

“I’m not sure who my competition is, there are so many of us doing the same thing which feels pretty much like rubbish if I’m honest.”

“When I think about my competitors, especially those at the top of the tree, I just think ‘Gosh, they are untouchable’ and then I wonder how the hell they got there and I’m still here.”

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Dream Business Plan: The Five Numbers You Need To Get Intimate With

Dream Business Plan: The Five Numbers You Need To Get Intimate With

You’ve got an Etsy shop, a website, you do craft shows or you do all three.

You think you’re doing okay.

I mean, you’re making stuff and it’s selling!

But how do you know if, when and how this can become your dream business?

We’ll be giving you a map that shows you how!

It’s like painting by numbers – you draw your own map with the help of magical formulas and numbers we’ll give you.

Don’t panic!

Formulas are your friends.

You enter numbers in them and they provide the answers to your burning business questions, like how do I price my things?

Simple! You use a pricing formula.

(Cost of materials + cost of labor) x 2 = Wholesale price

Wholesale price x 2 = Retail price

Here’s a secret about formulas that no one talks about:

If you leave anything out of your costs or under value your labor you may get results that aren’t ideal.

Garbage in, garbage out.

So let’s talk you through how to draw your own map!

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Revenue Streams: How Creating a Second Product Line Turbo-Charged My Income


You’re multi-passionate. You’re crafty.

You can’t seem to keep your creative brain still.

You’re always coming up with brilliant craft ideas for new things to design and make!

So you grab the scissors and take out the sewing machine to create something really awesome.

But you look in your Etsy shop and you’re confused.

Why aren’t you making more Etsy sales?

The secret ingredient you’re missing that no one talks about is revealed here

Read on as Meredith Erin talks about her cautionary yet super inspiring tale of how she and her partner went from $20k in debt to multiple daily sales on Etsy and truckloads of product to ship.

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The 2016 Instagram Algorithm Change and 5 Steps on How You Can Fight It + Remain Unaffected

The 2016 Instagram Algorithm Change and 5 Steps on How You Can Fight It

Have you heard about what Instagram is doing that will dramatically change your Instagram marketing plans?

No more flying blind.

No more winging it.

For most makers, artists and designers I teach and mentor, Instagram is their top choice of marketing to get traffic and sales to their shop.

Unfortunately, that’s about to change.

Instagram announced on March 15, 2016 that they were going to implement an algorithm that would show the best posts to you first, rather than in chronological order as it had been doing in the past few years.

This comes as no surprise, considering Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. And as small business owners who run Facebook pages, we all know about Facebook’s algorithm that prevents your posts from being seen by your own fans.

It became so frustrating, disappointing and some creatives even felt it was a total waste of time.

Creative biz owners then flocked to Instagram because it was easier to use and the highly visual layout works well for makers, artists and designers. There had not been an algorithm yet, so everyone had a fair share when it came to Instagram reach and visibility. We were at an level playing field.

From today on, the tech world will be testing creatives once again.

I teach a course on how to increase your Facebook reach and engagement, called the Facebook Recovery System.

This course isn’t about how to gain more followers, even though it’s a nice side effect of increasing your reach and engagement.

For starters, I explain why there’s an algorithm in the first place.

And Instagram puts it eloquently:

As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most.”

Algorithms are put in place for everyone’s benefit. It’s in Google search engines, Etsy search engines, your Facebook newsfeed, Pinterest’s smart feed, and now it’ll be in Instagram.

There’s simply too much content for anyone to consume in a single day.

Instead of showing you less relevant, lower quality posts even though they’re more timely, Instagram (along with all other social media and search engines) is choosing to select the best photos to show you based on, according to Instagram:

  • the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content
  • your relationship with the person posting
  • the timeliness of the post

What this means for you as a creative business owner

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