How to Start a Creative Business on the Cheap, Even if You’re Really Really Busy


Have you always wanted to start a business but just don’t have the money for start-up costs and room for inventory?

Are you super creative and artsy and make beautiful paintings, drawings, graphic design or are just plain great with words?

Are you a stay at home mom or full-time worker who always dreamed of running your own business but just couldn’t find the time?

Do you currently run a clothing business that uses your art but are sick of storing all the shirts, making them and shipping them yourself?

What if I told you that there is a way to start a seemingly passive creative business that allowed you to focus on creating amazing imagery and engaging with your audience while someone else took care of the rest?

That’s right – no inventory, no huge start-up cost, no leaving the house to obtain supplies and ship items AND you just have to do what you love – make beautiful art and connect with people who love your art on social media.

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2015 Annual Income Report For a Handmade Business

Annual income report for a handmade business

Do you ever wonder how much money other handmade or creative business owners make?

This has always been a socially taboo subject, but I think we’re all a little bit curious, right?

Income reports have been trending in the blogging world in the last few years but few handmade businesses are doing it.

I created an income report for 2014, where I showed a revenue of $200,914 and with $107,157 profit. It was an amazing year.

What you can learn from my successes and failures is educational and you could help you make better decisions in your own business for 2016.

Without further ado, here’s how my year went down:

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Steal This Process: How I Broke My Record With A $3,158 Sale Day

Steal This Process: How I Broke My Record With A $3,158 Sale Day

Have you ever created a promotion or event for your shop only to have it fall flat on its face?

I have.

Last year on Black Friday, I decided at the last minute (that’s how I roll!) that I should do something for the biggest shopping day of the year.

I created a graphic banner to put on the front page of my website.

The promotion was 25% off the entire order for the whole day.

Then I waited.

And waited.

For being in the thick of the holiday season, I was disappointed that it was just another average sales day with a few orders.

The conclusion I had at the time was no one was interested in a 25% off, or they were too busy shopping elsewhere.

“Maybe this doesn’t work for me.”

That’s a common thought that all of us creatives running an online, handmade business have.

Fast forward a year later, and I can tell you now that the magic is always in the details.

Goof up or skip a little detail, and it can mean a $3,000 difference to your bottom line.

At least that’s what it was for me.

Here’s how I broke my daily sales record this year and made $3,158 in online sales on Black Friday from my website alone.

Go ahead and steal this process for any of your future promotions!

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Top Five Ways To Get Your Shop Seen on Etsy with SEO

Top Five Ways To Get Your Shop Seen on Etsy with SEO

When customers are looking for your products, can they find your shop?

Are you getting found quickly in Etsy search results?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a confusing topic to maneuver, but it’s so important to get straight for making Etsy sales.

Richie Peplin, the co-founder of Marmalead, an Etsy SEO and market research tool, shares with us The Top Five Ways To Get Your Shop Seen On Etsy With SEO!

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10 Exact Steps You Can Take To Boost Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales This Holiday Season

10 Exact Steps You Can Take To Boost Holiday Sales

Are you ready to make the most out of this holiday season?

The fourth quarter of every year is the best time for anyone who sells a gift product.

But like everything else in running a business, you can’t skip telling people about your products!

That’s what marketing is all about.

It doesn’t have to be sleazy, salesy or uncomfortable.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is just around the corner. Make use of this in your marketing!

You can promote your products this holiday season and tie in with this major sale weekend to end the year with a bang.

Don’t fret about figuring this stuff out on your own.

These little things you can do in your business can mean making an extra two (or two hundred) sales, so make sure you do the work!

Here are ten exact steps you can take to boost holiday sales and make the most out of Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday.

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