2016 Annual Income Report For My Handmade Business

2016 Annual Income Report For My Handmade Business

Have you ever been curious about how much other people make from their jobs?

I know I have, and the first place I look at is GlassDoor.com where employees of specific companies share reviews for the businesses they work for.

But more interestingly, they also share their annual income.

This is great data for job seekers and college students picking a major.

Unfortunately, this kind of data for handmade businesses is not readily available for public viewing.

This is one of the few reasons why I do an annual income report for my handmade business every year.

Here’s 2014’s income report, and here’s 2015’s.

One, to educate other creatives who are interested in taking their business to a more serious level.

Two, I believe in transparency and that you should follow a mentor or teacher that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

Three, because this is a good excuse for me to do a year review and analyze what went wrong or right so I can make plans for the new year.

Are you ready to take a peek behind my business?

Here’s a snapshot view of how the year went:

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5 Things You Need To Know About Etsy Teams

5 Things You Need To Know About Etsy Teams

If you’re a handmade business owner with a shop on Etsy, you could be worried that your shop is stuck in a rut.

You’ve read blog posts, articles on Pinterest, but your sales are not coming in.

How do you find the support need??

You’ve started an Etsy shop.

You’ve perfected your SEO.

Now you’re at a dead end.

You have nothing to do and nowhere to go, except sit and wait for those sales to come rolling in.

But more often than not, they don’t come quite as fast as we’d like.

And then, one of those days when you have nothing to do, you stumble upon the magical little button that leads you into the great big world of “teams”.

So it was with me, and I’m taking the liberty to assume that I’m not alone.

It’s enchanting.

A whole group of crafters and collectors gathered to share, discuss, critique and help one another’s shops.

While I readily admit there are benefits to teams, I just as quickly warn against the disadvantages and pitfalls.

I want you to enjoy your Etsy shop.

I want you to have that special light in your eyes when you tell everyone you know about your products.

I want it to be an endearing experience you’ll carry on for years and never once forget.

To assure that outcome, I hope you’ll keep reading.

We’re going to travel through the basics of teams, how they can help your shop, as well as a few words of warnings.

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Revenue Streams: How Creating a Second Product Line Turbo-Charged My Income


You’re multi-passionate. You’re crafty.

You can’t seem to keep your creative brain still.

You’re always coming up with brilliant craft ideas for new things to design and make!

So you grab the scissors and take out the sewing machine to create something really awesome.

But you look in your Etsy shop and you’re confused.

Why aren’t you making more Etsy sales?

The secret ingredient you’re missing that no one talks about is revealed here

Read on as Meredith Erin talks about her cautionary yet super inspiring tale of how she and her partner went from $20k in debt to multiple daily sales on Etsy and truckloads of product to ship.

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How To Find What Makes Your Brand Unique + Why Handmade and Made In The USA is No Longer Enough

How To Find What Makes Your Brand Unique + Why Handmade and Made In The USA is No Longer Enough

So you’re a handmade business owner.

Turning your passion into a business and creating an income from your sales is admirable!

But are you feeling stuck?

You’re not getting many sales and it feels really hard to turn one time customers into repeat sales.

But just like going to the clinic to get some answers for what’s causing that intense migraine,  there can be numerous causes for the problem you’re having in your business.

Your prices might be wrong.

Your photos might be bad.

Your product line might not be cohesive.

Sometimes you really need to go back to the basics.

However, the problem that plagues most small business owners is not being clear on what makes you unique.

What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

What is your shop known for?

Without a clear and concise USP, you’ll struggle to build a consistent income.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can find out your USP and finally start moving in the right direction!

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10 Exact Steps You Can Take To Boost Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales This Holiday Season

10 Exact Steps You Can Take To Boost Holiday Sales

Are you ready to make the most out of this holiday season?

The fourth quarter of every year is the best time for anyone who sells a gift product.

But like everything else in running a business, you can’t skip telling people about your products!

That’s what marketing is all about.

It doesn’t have to be sleazy, salesy or uncomfortable.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is just around the corner. Make use of this in your marketing!

You can promote your products this holiday season and tie in with this major sale weekend to end the year with a bang.

Don’t fret about figuring this stuff out on your own.

These little things you can do in your business can mean making an extra two (or two hundred) sales, so make sure you do the work!

Here are ten exact steps you can take to boost holiday sales and make the most out of Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday.

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