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You’ll walk away with more sales, email subscribers and a system you can use over and over again for a huge cash infusion into your business! 

Your Best Sales Day Ever Workshop

What You’ll Get:

Experience your best sales day ever! Meet with Mei in a private livestream where you’ll work through all the steps together to create your BFCM campaign and implement Mei’s proprietary “Ladder Discount" sale strategy for the upcoming 2023 Black Friday/Cyber Monday (you can use this for any other time of the year too!)

Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops

  • Nov. 8th live, get-it-done workshop session with Mei at 10am PST / 12pm CST / 1pm EST
  • Recording of the session
  • Step-by-step blueprint, a plug-and-play system that works
  • Graphic & social media templates editable in canva
  • Email templates - copy, subject lines and graphics, all done for you
  • Fill-in-the-blank workbook
  • Q&A session
Best for:
Estimated time commitment:
Shops that have been making sales here and there and have a small social media following and/or email list. The larger your following the better your sales generated from this campaign! 
3 hours

Results from previous students:

81 orders in one weekend!

$4656 in sales!

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Regular Price: $97 

Special Pricing: $37

You’ll walk away with a concrete and clear strategy to reach all your goals for the year, as well as practical steps for how to get there.

2024 Craft Your Success Workshop

2024 Goal Planning & Business Growth for Artisans: Join Mei in a live workshop where we’ll create a customized plan for you and your unique business to have an amazing new year! 

What You’ll Get:

  • Jan. 10, 2024 live workshop session with Mei
  • Recording of the session
  • Goal setting prompts
  • Business strategy planning prompts
  • Fill-in-the-blank workbook
  • Q&A session
Best for:
Estimated time commitment:
Business owners who want a clear plan for more sales and success in 2024! 
2 hours

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Price: $37

Chat 1:1 with the Creative Hive team on Instagram to help you map out your promotions

Backed By Our One Year Money Back Guarantee
Try it for 365 days and if you don’t feel it’s worth the price you paid, then get every penny back on your credit card.

Backed By Our One Year Money Back Guarantee
Try it for 365 days and if you don’t feel it’s worth the price you paid, then get every penny back on your credit card.

Chat 1:1 with the Creative Hive team on Instagram to help you strategize your business plan for 2024

Happy Biz, Happy Life Planner Kit

What You’ll Get:

Grab this ultimate planner trio to level up every facet of your business and life for 2024! Get more done in less time, and grow your business in a systematic way, all while feeling joyful and stress-free! Currently on pre-sale. Delivered on Nov 8th.

Planner Kit Planner Kit Planner Kit Planner Kit Planner Kit Planner Kit Planner Kit Planner Kit

  • Handmade Business Planner
    Includes sections for inventory management, expense tracking, sales analysis, marketing strategies and more!

  • Productivity Planner
    Includes daily and weekly planners, project planner, financial planners, wellness and health, and more!

  • Self-Care Planner
    Includes journaling prompts, gratitude sections, daily and weekly reviews, routines and more!
Best for:
Number of planner pages:
Business owners who need the extra accountability and love putting pencil to paper (or digitally) to plan out their days
112 pages

Handmade Business

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Price: $17

Planner format:
Canva file (print friendly!)



Backed By Our One Year Money Back Guarantee
Try it for 365 days and if you don’t feel it’s worth the price you paid, then get every penny back on your credit card.

What You’ll Get:

The new way to launch a six figure handmade online store in 2 weeks using other people’s audiences without spending a cent on marketing, posting 24/7 on social media or relying on Etsy and Amazon

Course Bundles Course Bundles Course Bundles Course Bundles 

  • Module 1: Find Your Winning Product Idea in 1 Hour ($97 value)

  • Module 2: Make Competition Irrelevant ($47 value)

  • Module 3: Automated Sales Systems To Get Buyers Everyday ($97 value)

  • Module 4: How to Get Your First Buyer In 7 Days ($97 value)

  • Module 5: Limitless Traffic & Sales With ZERO Ad Spend or Following ($197 value)
Best for:
Estimated watch-time:
Crafters and makers who are newer to business and looking for an affordable way to start and launch their online store
3 hours

Buy Six Figure Online Store BUNDLE

Special Pricing: $67

This is an introductory mini-course to what we teach in much more depth in A Sale A Day Business System. 

Total Price: $108

Get Reviews Even If You Don’t Have Sales Yet

Bonus 1

Price: $47


Four  Bonuses

Included Today

Buyers Everyday Email Templates

Bonus 3

Price: $497             


Access to Mei’s favorite resources!

Bonus 2

Price: $97


Get Your Work on TV Shows & Celebrities For FREE

Bonus 4

Price: $197





Backed By Our One Year Money Back Guarantee
Try it for 365 days and if you don’t feel it’s worth the price you paid, then get every penny back on your credit card.

The A Sale A Day Business System includes over 35 hours of video lessons, transcripts, audio recordings, scripts, templates, calculators, and virtually every resource you need to start and grow your business.

Here's what you get access to:

The 3-Part A Sale A Day Roadmap

Attract the Right Customers with Ease

Make Sales on Autopilot

Get Daily Consistent Sales

Ready to earn a consistent income selling your handmade products online? You can have a profitable business selling the products you love to make! The A Sale A Day program is the solution Mei created that built multiple 6-7 figure businesses without working full time hours, making consistent, reliable income every year.

Step 01
Easier sales

Step 02
automated sales

Step 03
Repeating sales

In this step, you'll create the foundation for an online business using the Perfect 5P's that will make your shop an inevitable success. 

You will create:

         A product that people fall in love with, and that sells itself!

         A profitable pricing strategy for your products that people will pay for

         A brand that stands out in a saturated market

         A product line that doesn't cost you a lot of money or supplies to make

Modules 1-5

Modules 6-7

Module 8

Step 01
Easier sales

Step 02
automated sales

Step 03
Repeating sales

It takes multiple impressions with your shop to buy from you. 99% of your visitors will not buy when they visit your shop. In this step, you'll create an automated sales machine using email marketing autoresponders. They'll do the selling for you, so you don't have to. 

You will have:

          Created your own shop that converts traffic into sales

          Set up money making autoresponders that sell your products for you even            when you're not working on your business      

Modules 1-5

Modules 6-9

Modules 10-12

Step 01
Easier sales

Step 02
automated sales

Step 03
Repeating sales

We'll borrow other people's followings to get the word out there about your shop. Let other people promote your products for you!

You will get:

          The entire step-by-step process for how to email other people and get                them to promote your products for you, without spending any money!

          A highly converting outreach system that gets the EASY YES, along with                pitch templates and subject lines to use

          Wholesale, hiring and scaling strategies to take your business to the next              level of growth


Modules 1-5

Modules 6-9

Modules 10-12

A Sale A Day Email Templates & Scripts

Get proven email templates that have gotten products in a ton of huge national media outlets like Good Housekeeping, Seventeen magazine, Zoe Report, YouTubers with a million followers.

Send emails that stand out in a busy inbox, that actually get opened, read, and them saying yes to you. 

Get your products in front of millions of your ideal customers, all for free. You don't ever have to pay to borrow other people's audiences and be featured somewhere. 

Exclusive Media List of 5,000+ Contacts

You never have to wonder who to send emails to. This is the same database that professional PR agencies use but they're charging thousands of dollars for you to use.

This media list includes the names of some of the top magazines, newspapers, TV shows, blogs, radio stations and influencers, along with their email address, which can sometimes be hard to find with Google. 

This just makes the outreach process so much faster and easier for you. 

Automagic Email Marketing Vault

You don't have to worry about what to write in your emails, what subject lines to use or to figure all of this out on your own. 

Get over thirty emails from seven of Mei's own automated sales systems to help you automate your marketing and sales.
These are tested and proven emails that have generated tens of thousands of dollars for our own businesses as well as our students. 

You can literally copy and paste my emails or take inspiration from them so you can set up your sales systems ASAP.

Monthly Group Coaching

We support you through monthly group coaching sessions to answer any questions you have. Many people we've coached have amazing breakthroughs in these calls, because we really dig deep into the challenges you're facing, and we come up with a personalized solution that's unique to your own business.

We don't believe in a one size fits all answer. We take the time to listen and understand where you're at and what your goals are before we coach you. We LOVE these calls so much because they really help you get unstuck and our students always leave feeling motivated and inspired. 

Community Support

Get access to join the exclusive student-only forums where you find advice, strategy, and friends.

We are so proud of this space for other makers and artists. Ask questions 24/7 and other students who are ahead of you may chime in to help you out, or Mei or a Creative Hive coach will jump in to help you. Its our favorite place in the world because people are so friendly, warm and drama free.

Business besties are formed in the forums and we think that is such a beautiful thing and everyone needs a business bestie! 

Join today and receive these           exclusive bonuses that have helped my students go from a sale a week to four sales a day! 


Special Bonuses

"From A Sale Every 1-2 Weeks to 4 Sales A Day"

After struggling with low traffic and poor sales despite her best efforts, Melissa enrolled in A Sale A Day Business System and learned actionable steps to increase traffic. She says, “The floodgates opened!”

"I Feel Like a Legit Business"

I was a brand new mom with a brand new business. I had no idea what I was doing. As soon as I started implementing what I learned I felt like a legit business. Today, my husband can stay home with our baby girl instead of being on the road for weeks at a time."

"$7,000 in Watercolor Art Print Sales Last Month"

Kathy had taken another handmade sales course but she was left confused. Kathy joined A Sale A Day Business System because she found actionable steps and gained a ton of confidence along the way. She says, "I feel like a business owner, not a hobbyist."

"Only 16 Days Into The Month and I've Made 500 Orders"

Stephanie needed clarity on her online business idea. ASAD helped her solidify her idea and put it into practice. She says, "You can't do it alone. You need help. I would not be here without the A Sale A Day Business System program."

Student Results

View More Student Results

We officially started 1.5 years ago. We’re so close to $100,000 sales revenue… like $97,500 close. Excuse me while I go pick my chin up of the floor! I’m amazed, thankful and overwhelmed. 

So much of what I’ve learned has come through Mei Pak and the A Sale A Day Business System. I kid you not. She has walked me through so much and I’ll be forever grateful for the foundational principals she’s helped me set in place! (cuz, this girl from the backwoods of KY was kinda sorta clueless).

$97,500 In Sales After Only Less Than 2 Years In Business

I am a mature age participant (yes a granny of nearly 60) of your course and have benefitted from it soooo much! My husband and I have had a business for over 23 years in recycled timber picture frames. We have had great moments with it where we earned an enormous amount and have brought up 4 children on this business. But! We were doing markets, festivals and fairs. When we look back on this we realised just how intensely hard we worked, especially hubbie Simon.

Simon and I have retired from doing markets thanks to everything I have learnt and applied from your course. We are making a sale a day, which is great, because this is enough to give us a modest income.

Retired From Markets And Making A Sale A Day

There is no way we’d still be in business if we hadn’t signed up for your class! 

Last summer we were trudging around doing low-profit, high-stress craft markets plus Etsy. This summer we have our own website, a highly interested following on social media, our own subscription program, and have made just about double the money we invested in your program last fall. 

I graduated several years ago with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. A Sale A Day has proved much more useful than my degree!

I Have a BA in Marketing. A Sale a Day Is More Useful!”

I want to make this easy for you. You deserve to give A Sale A Day Business System a try so you can see for yourself what a smart investment this course truly is.

If you can show evidence you’ve done the work prescribed in the course and haven’t seen a change in your life or business. Valid for one year. 

I will refund you 2x your investment

I believe it’s a tragedy when an artist or maker with amazing talent and beautiful products can’t get their work seen by their right people, simply because they don’t have an effective business plan. 

I want you to have what you need to share your talent with the world, and so I’m offering you an unbeatable guarantee. My promise to you is this:

My Promise To You


Special Pricing: $200 only today

then $200/mo for 11 months





Know exactly what to pitch every month. Increase your chances of getting free exposure to thousands of your ideal customers! (Delivered on Nov. 8)

Media Outreach Calendar

In case I missed anything, here are some commonly asked questions!

What if this doesn’t work for me?

I know signing up for a course feels like a huge risk. The only way you’ll really ever know if it’ll work for you is if you try it for yourself. If you follow my system and do the work, and even after getting free coaching from me, if nothing works, then I’ll give you 2x your money back. 

Will this course work for creatives living outside of the US?

Absolutely! In fact, we have many students who’ve gone through the course who don’t live in the US. We have students from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Germany and so on. This course is about how to make online sales so it doesn’t matter where you live.

What if I don't know what to sell yet. Is this course still suitable for me?

If you’ve got a blank slate when you start this course, you’ve got the head start because you’ll be starting with the right foot forward. Otherwise you may have to relearn new concepts and unlearn old habits as opposed to coming at it fresh and ready to go! 

I’m a fine artist. Will this program work for me?

Yes! As long as you are open to selling prints or products with your art on them, the course is perfect you. Making a sale a day is what gives you consistent income. By diversifying your business where you sell not just your original art, you make it more accessible and more likely to provide you with a steady income. 

I’ve taken a lot of other courses, I’ve done a lot of research. Will I learn anything new?

Knowing and doing aren’t the same thing, as anyone who’s tried to get in shape will tell you, right? You can’t lose weight or get fit from watching other people exercise. And just because you have the knowledge and know how to do something, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to do it. I show you the exact systems for taking action, which is the most important thing you need to do once you have the knowledge. And remember, what got you here, won’t get you there.

How much time will it take to go through the course?

An hour a day is all you need to be on track for great results with this program! The more you can give, the faster you'll get there.

When will I see results?

If you follow the course exactly, you'll start making sales in less than a month from setting up your foundations. 

I'm Ready To Sign Up!

Got anymore questions? Email me at or send me an Instagram DM at @creativehiveco