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Mei Pak Creative Hive StudioHave you ever asked yourself these questions?

How can I make more sales?
ow can I get more exposure?
How can I sell more without working more?
How can I build a handmade business that can sustain my life and family?
How can I keep up with social media?
How can I get blogs, magazines and TV to showcase my products?
How can I take better photos of my products?

I believe that you make a really awesome product that you’re trying to sell online or at craft shows.

But you’re making one sale a week in a good month, craft shows are tiring as hell (even though you love talking to your customers) and you just can’t seem to make enough money to do more awesome, creative things with your life, or to spend more time with your family and support them financially.


Thank you. This is the first explanation that makes any sense - with some concrete steps to take. I'm in the age category that gets labeled 'dinosaur' and I do need a little extra help to figure all this out but I always want to be engaged and relevant. Thank you again. You're a genius.

- Elaine Sonne, Ancient Design Jewelry

Here’s how I can help you figure all of that out.

If you want to EASILY make more sales and get more exposure in your creative business, you’re in the right place.

I’ve been running my own creative, handmade small business since 2006.

I was definitely not an overnight success, but after investing time, money and a ton of energy into figuring things out myself, I now make multiple six figures.

I work from home running my business and have a small team of assistants, plus I helped my husband quit his job so he can start his own business.

I’ve figured all the marketing stuff out and want to share them with you so you can start building that business you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ll share with you my knowledge and tactics in a way that’s easy for you to understand and apply in your own business right away.

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I'm always looking for new advice. But with most things I read on how to improve "x", there's always the skepticism of "Would that really work?" and "Is that realistic for me personally to do?"

Your advice not only made a ton of sense, it was also easily digestible and seemed perfectly realistic to accomplish. There are so many times when I've received advice and, while everything I heard or read seemed practical and sensible, I thought to myself... well, that's great but I would never do that. It wasn't the case at all here. You've answered a lot of the questions I had when helping to launch Killer Sprinkles.

I highly recommend this to anyone starting their own business, and even to anyone working in the marketing industry to promote new brands.

- Tracy Chin, Killer Sprinkles

Abby Glassenberg While She Naps

Mei is a savvy business person. She’s built an incredibly successful jewelry business from the ground up and has so many valuable lessons to share from her experience. Mei is forthright and generous in sharing best practices. She is honest about what’s worked and what hasn’t and she truly wants you to succeed in your own creative business venture. As a fellow small business owner I’ve learned so much from Mei! She’s a gem. 

-Abby Glassenberg, While She Naps

How I’m different from other business consultants, coaches & gurus:

Tiny Hands as seen on

I’m a maker, artist and designer, just like you.

I’ve done it before. I come with first hand experience.

I create handmade jewelry at Tiny Hands where I currently sell in over 70 stores, lead a team of four production assistants and two sales reps.

I’ve made six figure sales in just one year selling my handmade jewelry without any investor capital, credit card debt or rich husbands.

You might have seen my jewelry in inTouch, Rachael Ray, The Chew, Incredible Things, Daily Candy, Hello Giggles, Huffington Post and even on TV show Parks and Recreation.

I’ve run my small handmade business since 2006, and I’ve been doing this full time since 2011. I helped my husband quit his job in 2013 and my business alone supported us both; paid for our bills and a house, and allows us to spend more time with each other.



The advice you passed along was very practical and you've shared some very good and useful ideas – ideas that I will give a try in the days and weeks ahead. 

Thanks for giving me and others the benefit of your experiences. As you pointed out, there’s a lot of trial and error in the home based / handmade product business.

It’s nice to be able to avoid re-inventing the wheel, at least some of the time!

- Milana Popova, Carat Studio on Etsy

I’m Mei. I’m your practical problem solver.

About Mei Pak Creative Hive I’m your partner, adviser and right-hand-woman to guide you towards a happier, more fulfilling and financially abundant business and life. I started Creative Hive because I know of so many creative minds that struggle with the business side of business. Many of the challenges that you’re facing now are the same ones I faced years before, and I want to help you figure it out.

I believe that…

  • with the right attitude, anyone can achieve their life’s dreams
  • your decisions dictate where you go in life – luck has nothing to do with it
  • being born a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t change
  • everyone is amazing at something (the trick is figuring out what that is)
  • you deserve the best


Since switching over my business to what I consider more, "art jewelry", I have had a lot of comments about the price. It can be quite frustrating as I spend anywhere from one 1-6 hours per piece! You reminded me those people are not my customers and I need to find a new outlet to find a customer base that understands my product. You've taught me to charge what I'm worth without apologizing. 

- Jonua Besnard,

On a personal note…

I’m an absolute DORK. I’m goofy and I love making people laugh. I’m a total foodie and I love playing video games. I grew up in Malaysia and currently reside in Minneapolis, MN. If you want to get your creative business more exposure and start making more money, enter your email below and sign up for easy tips and tricks:

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